Here's the First Hour of Outriders (PS5 Raw Gameplay)

Here is the first hour of Outriders and it's raw PS5 gameplay! No commentary, no voice overs, no nothing! Just the game being shown off in all its glory.

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BattleCat46d ago (Edited 46d ago )

Feels like a mediocre gears clone, ordered in china... with some magic.)
Didn't people can Fly made the shittiest gears game on the 360 also?

excaliburps46d ago

Eh. So far, it's solid. Not really dependent on cover (agrro is rewarded). Something Destiny players can look forward to I think.

DaCajun45d ago

I wasn't impress with how it's running on the PS5, it's not as smooth and optimized as other games on the PS5. It feels like an early beta build not something that's shipping in about a month. Hopefully the final build is smoother running.

Plus how does it even have such long load screens between areas for the PS5, the graphics aren't that impressive in my opinion to warrant the load screens plus it's pretty much a shooter on rails. It's not like it's a big open world with huge draw distances.

Destiny is still a better game, and yes it does feel like a Gears game but not as good.

Thunder_G0d_Bane45d ago

Destiny players have nothing to look forward to with this game sorry. It looks super generic.

Destiny is far beyond this game.

dolfa45d ago

Agree, looks like a generic RPG shooter with nerf gun bullets... discard this trash

Ashunderfire8646d ago (Edited 46d ago )

What the hell I hope this game is not releasing yet.Their mouth doesn't move?


It's pretty fun to me but the powers need to be nerfed.

Nacho_Z45d ago

Looks ok. Painfully generic and unoriginal but solid and competent.

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The story is too old to be commented.