Monster Hunter Rise is Coming to PC in 2022

The upcoming Switch Monster Hunter will only be exclusive for one year, Capcom confirms. PC players should get the game in 2022.

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Vits44d ago

A bit more than what the leak has suggested. But still a fair compromise if the game runs better than MHW did on launch.

Viking_mo44d ago

So far that leaker/hacker has been spot on with every game and release date. Just waiting on the announcement on dragons dogma 2

-T9X-69-44d ago

To be fair, MHW was ported by the original team that doesn't really have experience with PC nor did they outsource help. It was a big rough at launch, but since then they've optimized that game extremely well. Even the loading on an HDD is lighting fast. I have no doubts that MHR will run smoothly at launch.

Side note. Capcom games in general have been much better on PC in the recent years compared to previous. Anyone remember Dead Rising 3? Oh boy what a mess that was lol

cartoonx144d ago

well it might actually be on PC on same day as switch due to emulation

Shiken44d ago (Edited 44d ago )

Anyone who uses emulation for new games is scum, and the reason that people who use it for game preservation get a bad rap.

Viking_mo44d ago

Exactly. Why not support the devs if you want the game

Silly gameAr43d ago

Though I think "game preservation" is only a buzz phase, I do agree about the emulation of new games.

JL293043d ago

Not to mention these dicks are the cause of DRM like Denuvo.

Vanfernal44d ago

I'll wait for the pc version. Switch hardware is a little too outdated for my taste...

godofiron43d ago

Absolutely brilliant. I bought a used Switch to play this game, but now that I know it's coming to PC later, I'm definitely selling my Switch and playing games on my backlog instead.


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