Report: Final Fantasy 7 Remake Coming to PlayStation Plus This March According to JP PSN Store

Final Fantasy 7 Remake is hitting the PS Plus this March per the Japanese PlayStation Store listing.

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Terry_B46d ago

But..why did they not announce this as part of the State of Play yesterday? And what is the other PS4 game and the PS5 game this month?

Vits46d ago

Because that would create negative press. As this version is not eligible for the PS5 upgrade that they had announced. And Maquette is the PS5 game.

46d ago
excaliburps46d ago

Yes this. Like, this would mar the presentation and people would focus on this more than anything...

Vits46d ago


The point is that you can upgrade the PS+ version at all accordingly to the guidelines.

Doge46d ago

No free upgrade for this version. lmao

Juancho5146d ago

As a HUGE fan of the original and the remake, I have to say I'm both HAPPY to see this available for PSPlus and upset because it literally JUST came out not long ago, haha. Gamers win!

gamer780446d ago

Sorta it’s good for those not planning on getting a ps5. Cause this version can’t be upgraded...

Juancho5146d ago

Im still waiting to get a ps5. Refuse to pay double price for it, worst launch ever.

gamer780445d ago (Edited 45d ago )

Yup can’t believe these consoles still aren’t wildly available. Also dashes hopes of any deals on them anytime in the near future. Just lucky to get one at all