Gears of War visuals inspire Mortal Kombat 8

Mortal Kombat creator Ed Boon has revealed how's he planning a "down and dirty" visual style for the eighth game in the beat'-'em-series, citing Epic's Gears of War as the 'look' he's aiming for.


"Our goal, graphically, with this game is to be as gritty... To me, when I saw Gears of War, I was like, "Holy s***! That's the look that we've been talking about... Visually, that's what we want to do," he explained in an interview with Game Informer.

Epic's Unreal Engine 3, which powered Gears, is being used for Mortal Kombat 8.

Speaking further about the sequel, Boon promised that "we're doing something with the next game that's unbelievably unexpected", adding that gameplay-wise it's a complete start-over for MK8.

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PS360PCROCKS5714d ago

Great one of the classic great games, they have gone a little too far off of what made them so good. Hopefully the something "unexpected" gets rid of all the changes they have made, brings back the REAL MK players and their moves and finishing moves, I used to sit their all day trying to pull off fatalities, the new games now are just lame.

JPomper5714d ago

I hear yeh, rocks. I loved the series up until MK4, when for some reason they decided to go 3D. Trilogy is still the best of the series.

PS360PCROCKS5714d ago

Oh god yes I wish I still had a copy of it, I could probably find it somewhere, but yea trilogy was by FAR the best game, the new characters are stupid, and have stupid moves and the 3D change I hate that ALOT...I mean come on, I dont remember the name but the fat guy in the newer game, he throws up and you slip on it and into him so he can kick you? Like are you serious whoever thought of that should get fired immediately

calderra5714d ago

Rephrased: "Our game should look more like the best game ever, and less like budget-bin crap! Oh, if only we'd have thought of that sooner!"

I get the idea they're trying to convey, but c'mon. Every one knows the 3d MKs have just sucked. Oh wow,the new minigames for the next title include "Killer Krazy Killtacular Kblood Kbath Kmario Kart K64"? I can't wait!

candystop5714d ago

When Mortal Kombat 1st released the one thing that I noticed were the visuals! I hope that this time around they bring back that wow feeling and hopefully make each characters fighting style completly diiferent this time and not just special abilities! Also does anyone know if Killer Instinct is really in development for 360? X07 will be here very soon and i'm sure that we are going to be in for some major major surprises this time around and even much bigger than XO6!

kamakazi5714d ago

they need something like this after that last garbage i got fooled into buying :( hopefully they can make this work for a killer mk game

FamoAmo5713d ago

I used to love MK on the Sega. I can't wait for this 1 its gonna be sweet.