Interview: How Returnal will redefine what players expect from Housemarque

TSA writes: Housemarque are coming out of the wilderness of video game development, having spent three and a half years searching for and then building their answer to the eternal question: “What’s next?” Returnal is that answer. Their biggest game to date, a step away from the purist arcade action of the last decade and a half, and a dramatic step up in the scope and ambition of their production, and yet something that should fundamentally feel familiar.

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SullysCigar43d ago

These devs know how to make fast, fun games, so this one is a day one for me! Loving the big budget this time around!

Bathyj43d ago

I love how they've brought that arcade shooter feeling to a 3rd person shooter. Controls look tight.

staticall43d ago

«Redefine»? Not sure, to me, this looks like a Housemarque game, like Alienation in 3rd person (which is a good thing, i love Alienation). Probably meant to say «refine», you know, fine tune and remove annoying stuff from Alienation. Game looks good so far, hope they'll deliver.

Thomaticus43d ago

I'm excited for the game... but I'm not 70 dollars excited.

lio_convoy43d ago

That's okay. Those of us who are $70 excited will enjoy the game while you are left out of the fun. 😄

ArchangelMike43d ago

I hear you about that price point, but I'm still going to jump in with Returnal day1. I like what I see, and I've loved all HouseMarque's previous games that I've played. But yeah, I did think twice when I saw the price.

Thomaticus41d ago

I'm a big fan of their games as well with Nex Machina being my favorite. My issue with the 70 dollar price point is really with all games. I've been on both sides, It's HouseMarque so I want to pick up the game day one... then I don't want to support the industry charging 70 dollars. I wish there was a special edition for this game.

ArchangelMike41d ago

Interesting little article by PushSquare about Returnal's price -

It's an interesting converstion about the value proposition of Returnal; but the truth of the matter is that it is Sony that set the price, so it's likely that they are confident in the AAA quality of the game. On the other hand, if Returnal sells poorly (percived value or not) then it's questionable if Sony will still bank roll HouseMarque's future projects.

But saying all that, we know that game prices drop mere weeks after release, so it's fair to say within a month of release you'll be able to get good deals on Returnal.