Final Fantasy 7 Remake Yuffie Episode Exclusive to PS5, Japan Price & New Keyart Revealed

The Final Fantasy 7 Remake Yuffie episode is exclusive to PS5 confirmed according to an FAQ, new keyart and Japan price revealed.

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FallenAngel198455d ago

“Unlike North America and Europe, PS4 players in Japan will need to pay 100 (about $1) yen in order to upgrade to the PS5 version.”

Even if it’s just $1, idk why Japanese gamers wouldn’t get this upgrade for free

Nitrowolf255d ago

It could be a mistake on the website listing, but I remember Nioh 2 wanted me to pay 99 cents to upgrade, which sony ended up fixing and refunding people who paid it.

LucasRuinedChildhood54d ago

I think they're actually forced to impose a small charge. It's a regional issue caused by local laws that applies to all free upgrades in Japan. Same for Crash 4 and Borderlands 3.

Articuno7654d ago (Edited 54d ago )

Reason: Act against Unjustifiable Premiums and Misleading Representations

Basically, it's a law that says you can't entice consumers with freebies that are worth more than the value of the product you're selling (i.e. pretending to sell a product when actually luring customers in with freebies). Which is to say that all additional items must have a price set to them that scales in accordance with their monetary value (with the lowest value being 100 yen) to prevent pushing the freebies from being more profitable/prioritsed over selling the core product.

The point of this is to stop freebies from swaying customer purchase decisions (damaging to the consumer in the short term) and perverting the course of supply and demand (damaging to the range of viable products and, by extension, damaging to the consumer in the long term).

To quote:

The purpose of this Act is to protect the interests of general consumers by providing for limitations and the prohibition of acts that are likely to interfere with general consumers' voluntary and rational choice-making in order to prevent the inducement of customers by means of unjustifiable premiums and misleading representations in connection with the transaction of goods and services.

[...] No Entrepreneur may make a Representation as provided for in any one of the following items in connection with the transaction of goods or services which the Entrepreneur supplies:

(i) Any Representation where the quality, standard or any other particular relating to the content of goods or services is portrayed to general consumers as being significantly superior to that of the actual goods or services, or are portrayed as being, contrary to fact, significantly superior to those of other Entrepreneurs who supply the same kind of or similar goods or services as those supplied by the relevant Entrepreneur, thereby being likely to induce customers unjustly and to interfere with general consumers' voluntary and rational choice-making;

Source: http://www.japaneselawtrans...

Knightofelemia55d ago (Edited 55d ago )

I buy the FF7 remake on PS4 can't find a PS5 anywhere and I get screwed out of Yuffie because of me owning a PS4 get f*cked. Shouldn't be that hard to bring Yuffie to PS4 if Sony can bring Miles Morales to PS4 then why not bring Yuffie again get f*cked Square.

excaliburps54d ago

Yeah weird. It's not like they're planning to release Part 2 on just the PS5.

gamesftw25054d ago

That would be a instant shot in the foot if we did.


@gamesftw250 Start figuring out how to protect that foot now.

CS754d ago

Lol you really expecting Part 2 on the PS4? Wtf?

Please no.

DreadfulHero54d ago (Edited 54d ago )

This isn't Part 2, which won't be out until probably at least 2023 with a much larger PS5 install base at that point. The voice actress for Aerith can't even currently get a PS5, so unless Square Enix hooks her up with one, even one of the two female lead actresses won't be able to play the DLC for a game she stars in. It is absolutely asinine to release DLC for a game that won't be available for literally every copy the game has currently sold for.

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Nitrowolf254d ago

Yeah I agree
Like of all the things not to be crossed, this is one of them that really should be.

gamer780454d ago

I just played the demo on ps4, square is awful about drip feeding content then bundling it all together later, I may even wait til part 2 is out before starting.

andy8554d ago

Its just a DLC. Honestly all the parts won't even be on PS4 so there will be complaints about that. Personally I think this is a good move. This game should be a next gen game really. It suffered pretty bad with tunnelling and walking because of loading. They can make this DLC into how the game actually should be without having to do that

Teflon0253d ago

I absolutely hated the Squeezing through things for loading purposes. I legit didn't want to go to some area's to get things done because I had to squeeze multiple times. Since next gen will take that out the equation I'm absolutely happy. Would be even better if they removed those in the PS5 version. But sadly of course not lmao

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someone7254d ago

So it sounds like the yuffie chapter will be $19.99 when it comes out. Not sure how I feel about that pricing unless its one hell of a long expansion.

Elda54d ago

The new episode will probably be no more than 2 to 3 hrs or so.

Kurisu54d ago (Edited 54d ago )

I've completed the Remake on PS4. I got the digital deluxe edition, and I was always planning on replaying the game via BC on PS5 before part 2 to see what the game would look like on "Pro" settings (I've got a base PS4). Not gonna lie...I'm buzzing. I get a PS5 version for free! I just need a PS5. Would have been nice if Yuffie would have been included as well but I'm already more than happy to be honest.

SDuck54d ago

Pretty sure that's the standard price for most DLC expansions that take 3~4h to complete

Articuno7654d ago

Not sure if it's a useful reference point or not, but the DLC episodes in FFXV were $5 each (at least from what I found Googling around a bit).

Teflon0253d ago

Could be $10 or $15. FFXV had $5 additions I Believe or maybe $10. I'd assume it would be in the same ball park

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Elda54d ago

I ended up finishing FFVIIR on my PS5 & then I traded it in towards Persona 5 Strikers. I'm not double-dipping just to play 2 to 3 hrs of a new episode.


I mean it's literally free on ps+ next month isn't it?

DreadfulHero54d ago

They've stated that the PS+ version will not be freely upgradeable.

Gaming4Life198154d ago (Edited 54d ago )

To be fair ff7r is free on ps plus next month so every ps plus subscriber should have it. This is a dumb move on sony and square to release dlc for a game that launched on ps4 but can only be played on ps5. Thats bad business right there and anyone defending this is insane.

Its like they are trying to piss people off. I also think its a slap in the face to release dlc for this game anyway. They already are making us pay 3 times the original price of the game and now before they even finish the 3 games they are making dlc.

Ff7r is a good game solely because of the new combat system but id rather have had the original game with a complete overhaul in the graphics department.

DreadfulHero54d ago (Edited 54d ago )

The free upgrade won't work for the PS+ version. Square Enix has already stated as such.


Also, if you're interested in the original game with a graphics overhaul, then you might be interested in a particular new mobile game experience. LOL

Gaming4Life198154d ago

Lol yea i want a modern console version but if the mobile game is good ill get it.

I already own the remake so im good but that sucks for anyone that doesnt.

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