Sony's State of Play Was a Disappointment

We could be wrong, but Sony's State of Play was a disappointment and lacked true substance.

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Snookies1247d ago (Edited 47d ago )

We were already informed to check expectations by Sony before it even happened. I don't get what people are upset about. It's like people are expecting "AAA" game reveals every time we get a 30-40 minute showing. It's not meant to be an E3. It's meant to give some extra info on games coming down the pipeline.

phoenixwing47d ago

actually i liked that cefu or however you spell it game

RaidenBlack47d ago (Edited 47d ago )

I don't get what's the disappointment is all about. I got what I expected and roughly what Sony outlined.
Its the first State of Play of the year. And it would contain the updates to all the games that were announced before and are going to release soon. So the usual suspects are: Returnal, Deathloop, Kena, Ghostwire, Oddworld, Ratchet and Stray. So only Ghostwire, Ratchet and Stray were missed. And in place we got a new game announcement: SIFU (the art style is fantastic and gave Old Boy/Raid vibes). And remember Horizon II is a high-profile Sony first party title for 2021. So it's update will come in a separate Summer event along with God of War sequel update.

bouzebbal47d ago

I got to see gameplay for some of my most anticipated games for this year .. So I'm more than happy..

DarthMarvin47d ago

Absolutely. Too bad they sold out to Epic, I don't like having to boycot good games.

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Zeref47d ago

That doesn't excuse it for being a disappointment

blackblades47d ago

You people made it disappointed for yourselves for being so blinded.

S2Killinit47d ago

You can be disappointed without the event being a diss appointment. “Disappointment” suggest there was something wrong with it as far as what was expected which cant be the case here because they told you what to expect. while you being “disappointed” is personal to you. There, fixed. (:

Prubar47d ago

Yup people talk trash about Nintendo directs but SoPs have been completely disappointing.

TheKingKratos47d ago

It was a lame show ... nothing of worth was shown

Axecution47d ago (Edited 47d ago )

I caught the last couple games expecting at least a bit of an announcement for the finale and was absolutely shocked what they ended on lmfao. Seriously literally anything else even from the show would have been a better finale.

I think public perception of the show woulda been better if they ended with some sort of game reveal or new trailer for something. A comparison trailer for a small ps5 patch to an old game being streamed on low bitrate 1080p was not a good finale.

They should really be doing video premiers instead of streams. The stream quality is so god-awful and it really hurts the games

47d ago
RgR47d ago

What exactly was disappointing?
How many new games do you want Sony to release in it's first year of ps5?

No fun if they exterminate the competition.

RedDevils46d ago (Edited 46d ago )

Well, still better than anything on Xbox.

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BLAKHOODe47d ago

They could have just as easily released the trailers they showed on YouTube. Making it a State Of Play raised expectations that it was something more important than just YouTube trailers. So in that sense, it was a disappointment. Especially when they just told us PSVR2 was officially happening just a few days ago - an announcement they could have saved for State Of Play.

Sunny_D47d ago

That just means you never seen previous state of plays then. SOP have never been on the level of E3's where they drop bombshells. They usually show games like today or an extended demo of game coming out like Ghost of Tsushima.

generic-user-name47d ago

I don't know why, people have been crapping on State of Play vids since the very first one focused "too much" on PSVR.

RgR47d ago

In general most e3 announcements come in the same form. I prefer showing trailers instead of showing nothing.

Also it wasn't just trailers...they showed actual gameplay.

Sony wanted to highlight games for their event and consoles. Nothing wrong with that. It's the same with any other gaming event.

Teflon0247d ago

It was still a disappointment. Though I guess Release Dates for Kena and this New content for FFVIIR is great news especially when I gotta just pay for the new content only. I do need to replay. I was hoping for some new gameplay on Ratchet atleast. But I'll admit, this State of play actually sold me on Returnal which I wasn't interested in initially so that's a plus

Knushwood Butt47d ago

Returnal is looking better all the time. Hope it will deliver as my expectations are getting higher.

Also, I need to get a PS5 first.

Teflon0247d ago

I didn't intend to buy it at all before but may get day one now. I'm hoping on Returnal being good too. looks like a 3rd person doom style rouge like. Definitely not mad at it

RedDevils46d ago

Same, I wasn't really into Returnal and SOP convince me to get it lol

neutralgamer199247d ago


Absolutely not man I am playstation fan but this wasn't a good showing. They could have released trailers on YouTube. When you say this wasn't meant to be E3 actually sony and nintendo stopped doing E3 so maybe this is how we will get information moving forward

blackblades47d ago (Edited 47d ago )

Exactly, this happened to give us a update on upcoming games.

gamer780447d ago

Nintendo’s wasn’t any better. So if not disappointing, just not impressive

CaptainHenry91647d ago

It looks like Sony is just focusing on the western crowd. They don't care about Sony Japan anymore

Mr_Writer8547d ago

I went in with zero expectations and was still disappointed.

Sayai jin47d ago

Not disappointing for me, but I can see why some might feel disappointed. I am looking forwad to Kena and Returnal.

I have both new consoles, Switch, etc, but haven't touched my PS5s or Series Xs in a few weeks. I've been playing heavily modded versions of Skyrim and Fallot 4 in my theater rig (3090). I find it interesting that more and more Sony exclusives will be coming to PC.

RedDevils46d ago

I don't get why you get Series X and have high end rig 3090, isn't that redundancy?

Zerobalance47d ago

Sony don't do E3 anymore. It's an Xbox thing now.

dumahim47d ago

Agreed, although I am puzzled as to why they don't show us more about stuff that's coming. Ratchet and Clank isn't far off and we haven't seen a whole lot on that yet. Now seems like a ripe time to hype it up a bit.

RiverCityBoy47d ago

same as nintendo directs. People have sky high expectations and wanna get mad when none of said expectations were shown. This was pretty much just an update on announced games with a couple new things here and there. I mean, what were people expecting to see in 30 minutes? lol

Darkborn46d ago

Exactly. If Sony were to right now just show off God of War game play on their website and YouTube and that's it it would destroy the internet by itself. Sony is using their weight on showings like this to get the masses to see indie games. It's one of the ways they secure exclusives because they can guerentee x million people watch it live and get the details right away.

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phoenixwing47d ago (Edited 47d ago )

The only reason it's a dissapointment is because i won't be having a ps5 for quite some time and won't be playing that yuffie dlc. People with a ps5 and like ff7 are probably ecstatic right now to play some ff7 remake dlc.

if you only own a ps4: nothing
if you own a ps5: dlc and some cool games on the way

Shiken47d ago

Personally I don't think an episodic game should have resources wasted on any DLC. Would rather all efforts go into the next part.

Teflon0247d ago

Yes I kinda agree, but at the same time. This seems to be new content. It wouldn't have fit in the mainstory since it's focused on Yuffie, so I don't really mind. I do think though getting the main game out needs to be priority though. I ain't going to be mad at being able to play Yuffie from now. Though I hoped it was Part 2 was releasing soon trailer lol

Melankolis47d ago

Actually i think It's difficult to distinguish DLC and main story when the main story itself is an episodic one. It's possible for the developers to fit 3-5 DLCs into 1 separated game and rename it to episode 2 or 3 without you knowing about it.

darthv7247d ago

Kena is also on ps4, so that is something to look forward to.

JEECE47d ago

Too bad no one is going to buy it there. It will probably be 15 spots lower on the PS4 charts than PS5 charts on PSN the month it releases, if it charts on PS4 at all.

Muzikguy47d ago


I wouldn't be too sure about that. I want the game and have yet to get a PS5 so I've been thinking about just getting it on PS4 instead

JEECE46d ago


When I say "no one," I don't mean it will sell literally zero copies, I just mean it won't do well. Look at the January PSN chart: in the US and Europe, Hitman 3 was #2 on PS5, but was down at #17 in the US on PS4, and didn't chart at all in Europe. The people who get on sites like this and pay attention to games outside of the very mainstream have largely already moved on to PS5.

Xenial47d ago

Well it seems you too see one of the MAIN highlights in this showcase. LOL

SickSinceSix47d ago

Pretty sure I saw the PS4 mentioned for at least one of the games, Kena was one

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RazzerRedux47d ago

It is February. What were you expecting?

Gardenia47d ago

It's not that. State of Play is not for AAA games, it's perfect for indie games and updates like the FFVII Remake. But some seem to think that developers like Rockstar are going to reveal GTA 6 on State of Play. They are not stupid.

-T9X-69-46d ago

Well, those people are just over the top with expectations like that. However, Ratchet and Clank launches in a little over 3 months and we've not really seen all that much. The most recent "trailer" was mostly footage from the initial reveal. I honestly expected to see even a short new trailer showing off anything really.

Side note. You can't really say it's not for AAA games when one of the most anticipated AAA games from last year was the highlight of this years SOP and even that wasn't all that impressive.

RazzerRedux46d ago (Edited 46d ago )

June 2020, we were given a truckload of announcements about PS5 games as well as the reveal of the PS5 itself. It was amazing.

This is February. You are not going to get major announcements in February. How is this new to anyone? How?

@Gardenia absolutely is that. It is February. What the hell did anyone expect would be announced? Uncharted 5? Come on.

Neonridr47d ago

I mean I'm excited for Returnal. Kena looks promising. I assumed we would get a re-release of FF7 on PS5, so that wasn't a huge surprise. Sure not every game was a homerun for me (don't care for Oddworld), but I don't need 100 games. A couple here and there are more than enough to tide me over.

Genuine-User47d ago

I knew this piece was from vgculture before I even clicked the link.

Duke1947d ago

Idk, looking at the announcements to come from this - I’m super underwhelmed. It’s getting to the point where I don’t know why the companies feel these are so important.

If they are trying to drum up hype - they have all been falling pretty flat for years