Square Enix Announces Two New Final Fantasy VII Titles

Square Enix announced two new mobile games to complement the Final Fantasy VII Remake

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Nerdmaster43d ago

So they're basically doing what fans wanted with Ever Crisis, but making it for mobile...

CrimsonWing6943d ago

I doubt it’s a full 1:1 remake of all those games.

It says “episodic” so I’m thinking you play pieces from each game, like important story segments.

Jinryo43d ago

And those episodic segments will be sold in episodic segments.

GoodGuy0943d ago (Edited 43d ago )

Lol called it. Just mobile. But not just that, a battle royale. They couldve simply just remastered crises core for consoles.

beastrik42d ago

Copyright issues with that popstar
that Genesis takes after.

Knightofelemia43d ago (Edited 43d ago )

I just want Crisis Core ported to a friggin console its a great game and its being forgotten about. With this much drive behind the FF7 remake on PS4 coming to PS5, a mobile game I am going to skip because I hate phone games you would think Square would show Zack some love and bring him to a console.

Exvalos43d ago

That battle royal game is going to be a complete flop

VerminSC43d ago

Yeah, I laughed one I saw it. It’s literally like one of those gaming April fools jokes

Fluttershy7743d ago

Hi. I don't understand any of this. I don't particularly love the original FFVII... is not my favorite FF game, I didn't get the remake, because I was upset it wasn't a complete game (and they are selling it in parts) I kind of regret it now... because seems like what they did at Square was super high quality (so I was thinking in getting the game) but now from what I understand instead of releasing the remaining parts they are focusing on what it seems a Battle Royale?!! With one of the characters, Yuffie, a PS5 only? This has everything I hate in modern videogames, can't end well

enkiduxiv43d ago

Can't say I disagree with you. This has been Square's MO for years now. Chop it up into pieces, spread it over multiple editions, sell dlc and upgrades in-between. They ruined whatever potential FFXV had with that crap and they seem to be doing it very aggressively here.

They ultimately have a good thing going with Remake, but I just know that one of these sequels will mess it all up. Hell, they teased a Dirge of Cerberus villain in the Yuffie DLC and that game was horrible. They are also leaning heavily into Crisis Core, and that game was pretty bad too.

It's even worse than if Remake just outright flopped. We now get to see how great a real remake could be and then watch it fall apart due to corporate bullshit.

neutralgamer199243d ago

Corporate yes but millions upon million bought the game so square know they can get away with it. Just like nintendo knows it can charge full price for old ports. As long as customers are lining up to pay and defend these practices these companies will never change. Speak with your wallets is a slogan only because if gamers were actually speaking with wallets these publishers wouldn't do this

gamer780442d ago

Honestly this new reveal has made me want to wait even longer when one day they’ll package everything together in an ultimate complete version that will look and run better and have the whole game. They are just getting everyone to buy it price by piece then rebuy later...