IGN: Killzone 2: Top 5 Quick Fixes

IGN has just spent a number of hours getting stuck into Killzone 2 preview code. Their thoughts? There's a lot to like, but it's just not as compelling as it could be. With that in mind, they have decided to highlight five areas that they think can still be changed in time for release. Here's hoping Guerrilla Games is reading.

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Rice3701d ago

Pretty harsh though. Well this applies to single player the multiplayer in killzone 2 is the worst i have ever seen. "COUGH" "COUGH" "dies of sarcasm"

kwicksandz3701d ago

wow.. this site has sunk to an all time low.

Omegas first post said nothing that was spammish, just his opinion, like how this article is an opinion piece on killzone 2. Obviously thinking against the N4G hive mind is not tolerated here. Constructive criticism can GTFO OFF N4G LOLOLOL.

The gamer zone is sposed to be free of tripe like this. And i see gears 2 referenced alot on this page. Which makes me think, i wonder how different these comments would be if this article was about gears instead.

INehalemEXI3701d ago (Edited 3701d ago )

Nitpicking code that isn't final...tell it to guerilla not me.. thats a straight hits snatching move.

TheSadTruth3701d ago

how is it hit snatching?

The only community on the internet that is going to really be bothered by this is THIS community, which really isn't all that big or beneficial for a site like

Optimus_Prime3701d ago

They should fix the gameplay; it's terrible.

Serjikal_Strike3701d ago

Youre talking about Gears of war 2 right!

Parapraxis3701d ago (Edited 3701d ago )

dont worry Hi-def freak , he's being sarcastic. Anybody who has played it realizes it has amazing gameplay. Only a moron would say otherwise.
Ok, maybe not just a moron, I suppose fanboys and people who have NEVER played it would probably say that as well. Ignorance is bliss. ;)

Homicide3701d ago

These things have me worried. Guess KZ2 won't be as great as Sony wanted it to be.

Beg For Mercy3701d ago

all the stuff he just said was in the final build of gears of war2 so i really dont get whats the big problem reading this article was depressing