SIFU Announced, Watch Kung-Fu Fighting Gameplay Now

At today's State of Play, Sony unveiled a new brawler/acton game titled SIFU! In development by Sloclap, here's debut gameplay.

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Looks like a spiritual successor to Sleeping Dogs. I hope that it has a deeper story than what was suggested in the trailer.

Dissidia52d ago (Edited 52d ago )

This looks nothing like Sleeping Dogs, love the game but this looks like it’s own thing and not a spiritual successor

RgR52d ago

Are you saying that just cuz they look asian???


RgR51d ago


Probably true...granted I personally have a hard time distinguishing.

It's the same with America but only with label not with physical appearance.

Im sure they have a hard time distinguishing people from the west.

Ready4nxtgen52d ago

this looks nthn like sleeping dogs

GameBoyColor53d ago

Only game I was interested in from the disappointing stream.

monkey60253d ago

I would say the same but I really want Kena too. Shame it has been pushed back so far

jznrpg52d ago

I want Returnal too but I haven’t watched the whole thing not sure what else is there . They said indies and 3rd party was going to be the show and guess what , that’s what it was . Not disappointed at all. It was a State of play with 3 days notice . You think they’re going to give so little notice for a bigger gaming event?

GameBoyColor52d ago

I don't care if they didn't show big games (hence why I like Sifu) but none of the other games besides maybe Kena looked good in the showcase. They spent like 10 minutes on Oddworld and I know not many play that series lol. So yeah, to me it was extremely disappointing.

isarai52d ago

We need more beat'em ups, i'm already sold on this game lol

ApocalypseShadow52d ago

I want it. Will fill in the gap that's missing for beat em ups. Will sit right next to Ghost of Tsushima as I like these type of games.

But Sucker Punch needs to make a martial arts adventure game like Ghost where you can change styles, upgrade abilities, etc. Would be awesome. Or a Bruce Lee or an Ip Man game.

Abnor_Mal52d ago

Don't forget to add Ong-Bak Tony Jaa beat em up.

ApocalypseShadow52d ago (Edited 52d ago )

Then, I want a Jim Kelly game with co-star Taimok. Lol.

Put them all in. Donny, Chuck, Jet, old Jackie Chan(not the current one) Billy Blanks, skip over Steven, we don't need him, Wan Fe Hung, Iron Monkey,
Kwai Chang Caine the character, not David Carradine the dancer,
Neo, surprise appearances by Dare Devil and directed by Van Damme. Lol. With Hong Kong Phooey as the narrator.

Did I miss anyone?

Abnor_Mal52d ago

Okay we going there, Iron Money? Okay then you cant forget Gordon Liu, Sonny Chiba, Sammo Huang, that chick from the old Street Fighter movies, the one armed boxer, the five deadly venoms, Bolo Young, kid with the golden arms, Ghostface killer. You said Donny but was that Donnie Yen, Chef that cry freeman dude if he's not filming iron chef america.

Abnor_Mal52d ago (Edited 52d ago )

Okay the, let's and Gordon Liu, Michelle Yeo, Sonny Chiba, Chow Yun Fat, Donnie Yen, Bolo Yeung, Sammo Huang, Sho Kosugi, and that chick from the old Street Fighter movies.

For seasoning we'll sprinkle in a little five deadly venoms, eight diagram pole fighters, kid with the golden arms, Ghostface killer, and white lotus.

A pinch of Azumi.

Ok I double posted because the first one disappeared. Since I'm here ill throw in Egg Shen, Wang from Big Trouble in Little China, and the girls from Chocolate and Naked Weapon for spice.

GamesAsAService52d ago

I am very curious with how this game will control.

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