Dive into the abyss with all-new Returnal gameplay

An ever-changing locale with hostile foes around every corner, arriving April 30 on PS5

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darthv7246d ago

this looks so good. Can't wait. I havent had a bad Housemarque experience yet.

SullysCigar45d ago

Agreed - those guys seem to have fun on tap and they always make visually appealing games with tonnes of colour.

It's nice to see them get a bigger budget and spread their wings. Looking forward to how this game turns out!

Lore45d ago

Would love for them to flesh out Dead Nation and turn it into a AAA third person experience. That game to this day is still a gem

darthv7245d ago

Dead Nation is a blast to play. I am surprised they had not taken it further. Maybe they will return to it after this game?

46d ago
Rimeskeem46d ago

It looks far more arcade-like than I initially thought. Seems like a modern version of souls games. Shooting, unforgiving, and very fast.

blackblades46d ago

Thats what there other games were like. It's like arcade souls like shooter. Looks fun so I know I'll be getting it one day.

ArchangelMike45d ago

Looks fun so I know I'll be getting it day one.

Rambokind45d ago

It's looks wonderful, but how long is it? A 5 hour campaign? Pretty games aren't always worth the price, The Order 1886?

ArchangelMike45d ago

Depends on the replayability as well. In my experience, roguelikes are usually not very long. The length of these games usualy comes partly from the spawn-die-repeat gameplay loop, as well as the replayability factor. From what I see, I'm probably going to die lots of times, and love every minute of it as well.

Nacho_Z45d ago

Looks a bit like Vanquish. It looks like fun.

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