Edge: Bigger Than Blu-ray - New 400GB Disc Could Be PS3-Compatible

Edge writes: "In the picture above you will see the materialized form of one of Pioneer's boldest claims in recent memory: a 400GB optical disc, of 16 layers with a capacity of 25GB each.

What's missing from this equation is the word Blu-ray. In fact, yesterday at the IT Month Fair in Taipei, Taiwan, Pioneer was coy about not using the term Blu-ray at all when unveiling its newest disc, save for suffixing it to "16 times the storage of..."

The consoles you have right now will not be able to play these discs. Numerous sources have reported that the disc is compatible with Blu-ray players (and therefore PS3s) already on the market. Speaking to Edge, Pioneer said the opposite was true. "Current BD players and drives would not be able to read these discs," the company said, adding that the technology is "at this time not being proposed as a candidate for addition to the existing Blu-ray Disc format."

However, the company went on to say that a firmware upgrade may allow Blu-ray players to read the disc, putting Sony's PS3 straight into the spotlight as the likeliest device available today that could read them."

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vitz33698d ago

Imagine... How... Much... Porn...



JoySticksFTW3698d ago

Oh the sweet joy of owning a future-proof system ;P

Elven63698d ago

I think the price tag will give it away.

I'm not going to say anything until a tech demo is shown, it was essentially common knowledge the discs would be backwards compatible. What no one is aware of is weather all 16 layers will work on lets say the PS3. (The statement was worded well enough to not confirm this, disagree all you want, it's the truth).

INehalemEXI3698d ago

Yes , good ole. Pronstation 3. First the new improved flash player no pun intended Now this.

bumnut3698d ago

imagine how big the game installs will be if this is used!!

Enigma_20993697d ago

... the critics will deem it an INSTANT SUCCESS just because of that!

And vitz3 gets a bubble for that...

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brycespitler3698d ago

i dont see the point of this disc format yet in this day and time

LokMessier3698d ago

It would give developers a lot of room to full expand upon their vision of what they have set in their mind of what they would like their game to look and play like?

Or a whole bunch of movies on it, for example the whole star wars saga on it instead of just on DVDs?

A myriad of uses for this

Serjikal_Strike3698d ago

Cuz it doesnt play on your x360


y0haN3698d ago

I don't see a point in HDTVs, or broadband internet or cars.

somekindofmike3698d ago

I enjoy films on my Beta MAX!!!! :P

& none of this MP3 bullcrap - Sony Walkman all the way, I love the way the music plays slower when my batteries are running low!

LokMessier3698d ago

+Bubbles for the laughs :p

xwabbit3698d ago

ROFL Hi-def freak -!!!

kesvalk3697d ago

man, you are the best

i loved too when the batteries ran low... it was like the voice of hell itself!

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aggh im on fire3698d ago

400 gigs... man thats a lot of porn.

vitz33698d ago

Thinkin' the same thing.

BrotherNick3698d ago

I wonder if the read speed would be fast enough for the next generation of systems.

ChickeyCantor3698d ago

according to the disagrees, future systems will read at the speed of mach 1 !
(seriously you were only wondering something, but people think you are bashing something YAY!)

kesvalk3697d ago

they are alienated in clicking the disagree button, they just click, they don't even think about it

we need to click...we need to click...we need to click...we need to click.......

dukajoe3698d ago

This just sounds like a 16 layer blu-ray. Maybe not, but a 16 layered blue ray would be 400gb. Moreover, it's not really fair to claim your "bigger than blu-ray" when you are comparing it to a two layered disc. Forget this thing, why don't they just gradually increase the layers on blu ray like they did with DVD.

Peow3698d ago

Erm.. try 5 or 6 layer blu ray... not 16...

dukajoe3698d ago

one blu ray layer is 25 gb. Almost all blu rays are dual layered.

Also, whats funny about the wiki is that it mentioned this disc as the blu ray. I don't know why to pioneer thinks it's a good idea to market the disc as incompatible when it could be.

badz1493698d ago

if I'm not mistaken, we already have 200GB BD. some company already unveiled it earlier this year.

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