OXM: Tomb Raider: Underworld Review

But across the handful of massive sprawling vistas that take you everywhere from cobwebby Mexican tombs to icy plateaus and beyond, Lara is as Lara does. A contiguous storyline that bridges bridges with Legend's may have Lara seeking answers to a family mystery, but that's not why you'll pick up Underworld, really. You'll want it because, despite your having to turn its sometimes musty gameplay pages, or begrudgingly burn rubber in inessential motorcycle sequences (they're back!), or do the usual hokey-jump-slide-swing-pokey with wellworn mechanics, Tomb Raider continues to feel like an old, comfy pair of jeans. Maybe they're not as high-fashion as they used to be - and sure, they might not fit like they used to - but damn if slippin' into them doesn't feel like coming home.

* Its puzzle-based platforming just feels so nice.
* Megaton of unlockables, speed runs, and long, meaty stages.

* Motorcycles; fighting people; some glitchiness, oy vey.

* Somewhere, is a mama bat crying for all her dead babies?

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