PlayStation is winding down Sony Japan Studio, Moving Staff to Team ASOBI

Sony is winding down original game development at its oldest first-party developer, Japan Studio, confirmed by Sony.

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Sonic-and-Crash45d ago (Edited 45d ago )

If these are true then it is a bad shift for Sony....i completely disagree.....few western studios match Japan Studio (though Sony probably restructuring the studio imo ) ..

Jin_Sakai45d ago

So we’d lose Astro Bot in the process? That was one of my favorite platformers on PlayStation. Not VR and Playroom.

Sonic-and-Crash45d ago

they say Astro team remains unaffected ..(fortunately they even added more personel to them,) .

TGGJustin45d ago

No article says that Asobi Team who makes Astro will operate as their own team and some more people are being moved to their team.

Profchaos43d ago (Edited 43d ago )

Sounds more like the astrobot team is expanding. Sony's really turning astrobot into a mascot

ABizzel143d ago (Edited 43d ago )

None of their games have really gained ground from the studio. IMO this is just adding fuel to the fire of a Square or even a Capcom buyout or majority share in those companies. They are the biggest publishers in Japan who also have a large western falling outside of Nintendo.

The Square deal is the more likely of the two, considering all the timed exclusives, and full exclusives the two companies have had over the last-gen, and even currently.

Dump Sony Japan and remove all investments from there, and replace them with buying Square Enix, is a significantly better long-term business move.

Now I'm against buying publishers, but as a business move, that would be a best-case scenario for them, and probably the only way we'll ever see a Legend of Dragoon Remake and a Sequel.

S2Killinit43d ago

The best Astro experience is the VR

bouzebbal43d ago (Edited 43d ago )

Japan Studio is still far from what we were used to on PS2.. they died completely on PS3, only decent release i remember is Siren Blood Curse.. last gen they started to get back on track..
let's see if this fusion is a good idea. Asobi will still make Astro, but we want something else and the extra staff might help.
We're still waiting for a PlayStation RPG (Dark Cloud, Alundra...), or at least a collab with Square for a Star Ocean or Capcom for a new Breath of Fire for something new

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TGGJustin45d ago

How are you looking at that? Sony's western studios are putting out games that are selling 10+ million copies. The most successful game from Japan Studio over the past generation was probably Bloodborne that sold around 2-3 million at full price. The reality is most of their games didn't sell. Gravity Rush 1 & 2, Knack 1 & 2, The Last Guardian, Everybody's Golf, Deracine, etc all didn't do well.

I'm bummed by this but I do get the business end of it. At least Asobi Team is there still and will continue to make Astro games. It also sounds like collabs with other studios are on the table like they did with Bloodborne and Demon's Souls.

Sonic-and-Crash45d ago

their games didnt sell because were released at the wrong place , at the wrong time (GRush should have been a main console game from start) The LastGuardian is a superb game that didnt marketed /advertised well...Generally their artistic skills are above anyone else in western, Bloodborne /Demon Souls,Ico/SoTC/TLG collaborations prove excactly that

TGGJustin45d ago

@Sonic Look I love Gravity Rush and The Last Guardian but the audience spoke with their wallets on those. Also you can't credit Japan Studio entirely for Demon's Souls and Bloodborne. Those were mostly From Software/Bluepoint with help from Japan Studio

blackblades45d ago

Alot of there games were collabs, rogue galaxy, dark cloud back in the days many other games were done with other studios as well. The studio is still there just smaller now, its business.

tehpees344d ago

There is a difference between not profiting to your greed and not profiting full stop. Sony Japan's games made plenty of profit.

TGGJustin44d ago

@tehpees3 You have sources for that? Going to need more than just you assume they made plenty of profit. I expect you know how much each game cost to make and how many they sold to well overtake the cost to make/market.

tehpees343d ago

There is no way Gravity Rush cost as much as Last of Us 2 or Horizon to produce. You just have to compare the scale of the games. If Last Guardian cost that much, maybe Sony should not have announced and developed it for PS3 if it was not technically capable. You do not need a source. You need to observe the scale and depth of the games. Last of Us 2 has many CGI sequences and Horizon is a huge open world game, so do not tell me the majority of Japan Studio's games cost as much as those.

You do not need a source, it is just common sense. Gravity Rush could not have cost as much as GOW, Horizon or Last of Us. NO WAY!

DOMination-43d ago

We all know that Gravity Rush didn't cost as much as TLoU2 and GOW but it also sold 100x less than those games.

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oof4645d ago

They say that Japan is still their focus, but their actions say otherwise.

Melankolis44d ago

Focusing Japan with Japan Studio as it was isn't a good decision either. Their works mostly collaborations with other developers and very few are blockbusters. I don't think Sony neglect Japan, they just want to make a better bet, more people at promising ASOBI team is the proof.

annoyedgamer44d ago

Where is Sony HQ? There is your answer.

Vits45d ago ShowReplies(3)
oof4645d ago

Ah. Makes sense now why Toyama left. Sucks as they made some great games.

JEECE45d ago

Well, so much for all those rumors/speculation that they were going to take over Konami IP.

SaveFerris45d ago

Does this mean a new Ape Escape game is never going to happen?

LiViNgLeGaCY45d ago

This is exactly what I came in here to address.

VariantAEC42d ago

Probably handed the keys over to Team Asobi. If it happens I'm sure it would be in capable hands.

northpaws44d ago

It is not like they would lose any IP in the process. They can easily assign it to any existing studio or new studios in the future.

Profchaos43d ago

Any studio can make Sony first party they could give parapa to the god of war Devs if they want because Sony own it's IP

Bennibop43d ago

Team asobi are more than capable, that is kind of the point of this move. Japan studio had become a sort of support studio, supporting Bluepoint, clap handz and fromsoft and there output was not as successful as it used to be or just average.

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