OXM: Banjo-Kazooie Review

The game throws you into an open world where you must scrounge up 10 "jiggies" - jigsaw pieces that unlock more worlds. Before you get back into the old-school groove, you may find these searches a tad frustrating, especially when a spastic camera tends to launch your bear-bird duo off cliffs. But once certain puzzle strategies (e.g., shooting three eggs instead of one) become second nature, the jiggie hunt turns into the exciting adventure it's meant to be. Varied worlds, unique challenges, and kooky characters make this old-timer a worthwhile blast from the past.

* Hours of old-school adventuring for a low price.
* Open-world challenges are fun once you get the hang of 'em.

* Despite manual controls, the camera flips and turns at inopportune moments.

* A bear and a bird? Really?

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