Cancelled Mortal Kombat Kids Show Called Mortal Kombat Ultra Girls Gets Details and Images Leaked

Cancelled Mortal Kombat kids show called Mortal Kombat Ultra Girls gets details and images leaked - giving an idea of what the show is about.

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sourOG44d ago

I laughed when I saw Cassie cage. They attempted to do this recently? Yeah ok lol. 90s maybe.. Post-modern people would have aneurism watching revenge of the nerds. Video taping girls dorm rooms lol. “We’ve got bush!”. I could only imagine the reaction today lmao. They are trying to ban Grease because it’s “rapey” lmao.

SierraGuy43d ago

Mr. Potato head is no more.... goodbye aunt jemima 🤦

sourOG43d ago

Let’s make a creature that has no body and is just a head, but that head is a potato.

“Yeah great idea”

And we will make him a mister.

“Too far you insensitive prick”

Timzster44d ago

Probably the same audience that likes DC Super Hero Girls and The Powerpuff Girls.

CrimsonWing6944d ago

I think I’m just getting too old for this sh*t.

mastershredder44d ago

Cancelled is all that matters. We don’t need brownie levels of dorkdum snuggling up to MK.

jznrpg44d ago

We already have the movies for that

Bahamut-Shin44d ago

mortal kombat a kids show....

sourOG43d ago

After reading the whole thing that’s clearly fake lol. Even if it’s real it’s a spoiled April fools prank or something like that. Way too convoluted and fan fictionish for a kids show imo. The last mortal kombat cartoon movie was awesome.