Microsoft Refuses To Honor A Paid Extended Warranty

Torrence Davis of The Bitbag writes, "A few weeks ago I received an email from Robert, a frustrated Xbox 360 owner. He was frustrated because he had paid $59.90 for an extended warranty but Microsoft would not honor it to fix his Xbox 360. He didn't have a RROD, he had some video issues. The warranty department seemed idiotic as you will read in his letter that he sent to me and other gaming websites. I've contacted Microsoft myself to no avail. The Bitbag is too small for them to be of concern. So now, as I promised, I'm bringing this issue out in the public in the hopes that someone at Microsoft will help Robert."

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lokiroo4203696d ago

He is one in how many, MS doesnt care that got their money already.

vitz33696d ago (Edited 3696d ago )

Every day I wonder how this console gets fanboys.

I'd much rather deal with a company that can service my launch PS1 and have it shipped back to me inside of a week.

In July my PS1's laser motor stared going, I called up support and scheduled a repair ticket. Call time; less than 5 minutes.

locos853696d ago

After this and all those RRODs, and Vista why do people keep supporting this sh*tty company.

mastiffchild3696d ago

I can honestly say that when I was in the throes of sending back my 360 elite time and again(each time it took longer to return)my opinion of Microsoft was hammered way down. I got the 360 as it was the first HD console but ended up getting shot after 7 in 6 months. That they do this to one consumer is no shock and it says loads about gamers that they keep this I'm alright Jack attitude as long as they aren't the ones having issues with hardware. Looking at it now it seems plain that rushing out a console without enough QC or design time was a calculated business strategy designed to help get Sony prioritised developers over to their side OR go multi plat-but at who's expense? Us, the the poor gamers looking for fun and quality experiences that was who and they've been more than forgiven by those who haven't had these problems which is sad for the state of the industry as well as the plight of punters. If you aren't a dev to be courted MS don't care at all(not that Sony are saints by any means but the cold way Microsoft conducted this whole affair is a new level-the 360 must be the highest failing electronic consumer good never to get a mass recall). When it worked I loved it but it got too much for me feeling I was supporting a huge company that treated people like this on a repeated basis just to wrangle even more cash out of the world.

Rant over-but I do think we should be more united about things like this no matter where our lopyalties lie(for instance I get no pleasure from hearing another bad customer relations story about MS) and hope they get their house in order, make the console war a clean one that doesn't use gamers in order for one side to gain an advantage.

Th3 Chr0nic3696d ago

why would you write a check out to "Xbox 360" that to me indicates this guy isnt of the highest IQ tier and that his handwriting is the level of a 5th grader using one of those huge giant pencils. or was that a crayon.
I have never heard of someone buying something from a store and writing the check out to the product they are purchasing.

Picture buying a new car and writing the check out to "mustang"

tordavis3696d ago

I have a warranty form here and it says to make the check payable to ‘XBOX 360′.

Everyone who owns an Xbox 360 knows you can buy an extended warranty directly from Microsoft.

Since when is handwriting a litmus test for intelligence?

Th3 Chr0nic3696d ago

my bad i didnt know they indicated to do that, just seems odd writing a check to such a name. as far as the writing goes it just looks very not legit to write with huge block letters on something like a check.

SixAmpFuze3696d ago

Its possible it was just mishandled by of of the $2 an hour retards like in ever other company. He has the proof so some thing must be done.

To the Peeps Hating on MS Im sure this isnt something they tell people to do and its not a reason to bash a company.Its just dealing with retards on the phone who dont give a Sh!t is the problem.

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