System Shock Remake Gets a New Demo, Game Finally Arrives This Summer

It's been a bumpy road to get here, but the System Shock remake finally has a release window.

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Vits47d ago

The original title is still one of the most iconic "shooters" every released. But playing it these days can be extremely overwhelming for those that grew up with more modern takes. So I hope a lot of new people give a chance to the remake.

Vanfernal46d ago

Yeah. That game is a classic but going back to it is rough. I hope the new one keeps the feeling of the original while bringing up to date.

xer046d ago

Oh man... this actually looks good.

RgR45d ago

If they do it right...this will likely be game of the year material.

sourOG45d ago (Edited 45d ago )

Pc only that sucks. Hopefully we see a console SS1 and 2 bundle before 3 comes out. Bioshock is my fav series of all time and never played system shock.

Rambokind45d ago

I kinda wish BluePoint was remaking this

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