How AEW Games Could Change AAA Wrestling Games for the Better

AEW has expanded their repertoire into the video game world, but what can we expect from this new era of pro wrestling games?

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fitofficial47d ago

Will the game have a standard 83 botches per match like normal AEW?

SDuck47d ago

Depends if you're the one playing it

fitofficial47d ago (Edited 47d ago )

Oh he didn't get all of that one

neutralgamer199247d ago

It's time for a refresh from a wrestling game hopefully this game provides the new Mercy type advancement

Viking_mo47d ago

Thats exactly what they're. The original creator of that game js making the AEW game

SDuck47d ago

I'm just hungry for a new game. My last one was 2k14 for the ps3 since the simulation stuff of the sequels didn't appeal to me. Now I would be willing to give it a try but the last game released is what you'd call a botch