How Important is Historical Accuracy in Video Games?

Perhaps knowing it is impossible to capture the authenticity of a period in history in pursuit of a better gaming experience is the reason for the existence of games such as Valheim and Sekiro, where loose mythology and artistic license is used to support the game story and play mechanics as opposed to historical accuracy being a core focus.

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isarai45d ago (Edited 45d ago )

It's only as important as the devs say it is. Dont claim you're going for historical accuracy if you're not committed.

Dreadnort43d ago

Those giant enemy crabs aren't going to hit themselves for massive damage, are they ?

mikeslemonade42d ago

History isn’t even accurate.

Silly gameAr45d ago

Not really all that important to me. When, I play games, It's not to learn or obsess about if something is historically accurate. It's to unwind, and have fun.

Nacho_Z42d ago

Doesn't do any harm if you can have fun and learn a bit at the same time. Nobody wants a history lesson stuffed down your throat in a game but if you can have a quality and realistic game set in a particular time in history I think it adds a certain something.

I found it fascinating in AC Odyssey soaking up the atmosphere of Ancient Greece and if it was inaccurate it wouldn't have been the same. Stuff like the Minotaur and Cyclops were separate to the realistic depictions of the locations at the time.

toxic-inferno42d ago

Far better than historical accuracy is when a game inspires an interest in you.

I don't pretend to have 'learnt' anything from God of War (2018) about Norse mythology. Some of the stories in there are based on the real mythology, while others are highly extrapolated. But it did inspire an interest in me to go and find out about Norse mythology.

NeoGamer23243d ago

Here is a real simple formulae....

Simulations and non-fictional games need to strive for accuracy. Fictional works only need to be as accurate as the developer wants them to be.

sourOG43d ago

It’s not. It’s merely inspiration for architecture and story telling.

hangdang43d ago

It doesn't matter unless the developers say they want it to be historically accurate.

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