EA Is Putting the Future of its Franchises, Including Titanfall, into its Studios' Hands

Laura Miele says that Respawn is fully in control of what happens to the Titanfall franchise in the future, whether that's more Apex or potential sequels.

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RaidenBlack45d ago

Hmm ... lets see if she can turn the franchises around.
First up is BF6, then Criterion's new NFS, Respawn's next game and then Dragon Age 4.
There's also Skate 4 and Mass Effect 4, later.

RazzerRedux45d ago (Edited 45d ago )

First they have got to fix Anthem. Now let's go see what the top news story is today.

edit: never mind

annoyedgamer45d ago

Its PR. EA is built around raiding IPs/Developers and shuttering them.

Retroman44d ago (Edited 44d ago )

@ Raidenblack
I Highly doubt Criterion games will fixed what Ghost tried to do with NFS...
most likely it'll be need for burnout speed again.
Ea should let Codemasters take a crack at NFS. maybe
Codemaster will continue what Blackbox started.

execution1744d ago

NFS Heat wasn't bad since they took out that horrible slot system they had in payback for car parts. I just hated when cops would randomly spawn right by you whenever you race at night

RaidenBlack44d ago

Well, Criterion's Hot Pursuit was the best racing game of 2010.
And if you're against anything resembling burnout then ...

Retroman44d ago (Edited 44d ago )


If I'm against Burnout then.......then what???
in my personal opinion burnout was undesirable. Crashing was not my cup of tea in racing game.

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sourOG45d ago

*applause* it only took them 30 years

neutralgamer199245d ago

Also just words we will see how it goes in future

sourOG45d ago

That’s true but EA isn’t the type to even lie about about something like that. They don’t say anything and expect you to know that they are control freaks.

Highrevz45d ago

I have every right to be paranoid but damn I’m happy to hear there might be a Titanfall 3.


Please pick up the Mass Effect Legendary Edition if you want Mass Effect 4 at some point. EA needs to know that long single player narrative experiences can be just as, if not MORE profitable than their multiplayer offerings.

I was hesitant to buy it considering the game wasn't completely remade in UE4...but from what I've seen, the devs put in enough work to justify the $60 price tag.

ArchangelMike45d ago

I think they tested that theory with Star Wars Jedi : Fallen Order. It was singleplayer only and proved profitable for them. Also my understanding is that Dragon Age 4 is still primarily singleplayer, at least I hope they haven't shoehorned GaaS model into the game.

Snookies1245d ago

There would be no way they could remake three entire games in UE 4. That would take years and years of development to recreate them from the ground up. If you're saying you wanted just Mass Effect 1 remade, that's one thing. The whole trilogy? That would take a ridiculous amount of time and money for them to make. The HD trilogy is more than worth the $60, as it's not just a simple up-res cash-in.

annoyedgamer45d ago

Nah. Im still boycotting EA and they wont bait me with re-releases, even if they were uncensored.

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