The Uncanny Valley and Wii

Glorious is the day when player and character become one, using the same mind, shedding the same tears, fighting for the same cause.

Have you ever heard someone say, "Humans are rational animals"? While it's true people use logic and higher brain functions to accomplish amazing feats, the wide range of emotions we possess are also uniquely human. Solving a difficult puzzle in a Zelda game using all of your mind's wits can be very satisfying, but so can watching your in-game character's best friend sacrifice him/herself in vain before your eyes, and then witnessing the desire for vengeance erupt in sorrowful scream.

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Schmeltz6197d ago

I'm confused, so he is saying that better grafix are going to creap me out? don't think so.

GrimFang46196d ago

Think about wax museums. This is still a theory, though.