The brand-new survival horror game “Tormented Souls” is getting a physical & digital release in 2021

Today, PQube, Dual Effect and Abstract Digital Works are excited to announce that "Tormented Souls" will be launching as both a physical and digital title on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, Nintendo Switch and PC later this year.

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Rambokind43d ago

"A return to survival horror..." I mean, there is no return when the genre has never gone anywhere. Just dumb.

NapalmSanctuary43d ago

There's difference between genuine survival horror and first person jump scare, run and hide horror.

TGG_overlord43d ago

Old-school "Silent Hill" and "Resident Evil" = Survival horror, yes...

TGG_overlord43d ago

It's a reference to old-school survival horror games, the kind where horror is a bigger part of the game than just action in large doses.

TGG_overlord43d ago

It is, but it does look cool indeed.