Call of Duty Zombies Easter Eggs Completion Rate Was ‘Less than Two Percent’: Treyarch

IGN India: “Unless you were watching it on YouTube claims Treyarch.”

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Terry_B45d ago

What do you get for finding things in video games these days beside trophies?

Make secrets interesting..hell make it interesting to beat a game because you will unlock stuff

T2X45d ago

I always thought it would of been cool if you could trade your trophies for new games. Like old trading stamps. It would make it more worthwhile.

SenorFartCushion45d ago

“Which means that we will be focusing more on other modes that can more-easily house microtransactions in the future.”

NeoGamer23245d ago

Call of Duty is dead to me. I took a three year break from buying any games in the franchise. Say the marketing for CoD BO Cold War and thought maybe they are doing something good this year, so I bought it. BIG MISTAKE!

The engine is old and out dated, the AI is just as super predictable as it was in the past, and all they do is paint a (prettier) and new location/circumstance on each game.

InUrFoxHole45d ago

The Easter eggs are stupid and time consuming imo. Haven't tried for one in a while

ChrisW43d ago

Meh! Go play Zombie Army 4 if you really want to enjoy shooting zombies