Bethesda's Destroyed 'Fallout 3' Offices A Missed Opportunity

Many of the "dungeons" in "Fallout 3? look exactly the same. They may have different layouts, but the art keeps a consistent, if eventually tiring, look.

How Bethesda Softworks counters this is by hiding creative stories about the world of "Fallout 3? inside through computers, audio books and more.

Because of "Fallout 3?'s setting, they were even able to include themselves. Mostly. The "Bethesda Ruins," found just southwest of "Germantown HQ" in the wasteland, is technically where Bethesda's apocalyptic offices are.

Unfortunately, Bethesda didn't do much with it.

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rhood0223699d ago

Aside from the repetitive "dungeons" in the game, this is one of the major problems I've had with Fallout--there is really not a lot to do outside of the main campaign and meager side-quests. I mean, Oblivion's faction quests added a great deal to the game and expected something similar for this game (and DLC doesn't count). But I was sorely disappointed that similar quests didn't exist in Fallout 3.

Now, don't get this confused with 'not a lot to see.' This game, like Oblivion is full of cool-looking set pieces littered across a massive world-map. Fallout is especially interesting to look at because of things like the Bethesda offices and seeing what a bombed out D.C. would look like. But unless you want to get an achievement for finding every location on the map, there really is no reason to...

Reshun3699d ago

I liked everything about Oblivion except combat that I always prefered sneaking to avoid any unneccesary battle.

Fallout 3, I liked the shooting/blasting and all that but Oblivion seemed much more fit when it comes to everything else.