Octopath Traveler shipments and digital sales top 2.5 million

Total worldwide shipments and digital sales for Octopath Traveler have exceeded 2.5 million units, Square Enix announced. The game was last reported to have reached two million units back in March!

NecrumOddBoy941d ago

Absolutely incredible game. I wish this came to PS5 as well. I put in 90 hours on Switch, but would love to go for the Platinum.

SaveFerris941d ago

It probably comes down to the relationship between Square Enix and Nintendo, in that they are more receptive to games like Octopath Traveller and Project Triangle Strategy.

phoenixwing941d ago

I think it has more to do with whoever shells out the most money for an exclusive

Shiken941d ago


Nintendo probably funded the project, which would give them the right to make it exclusive. I highly doubt they paid SE a flat check for the hell of it.

Sony does this too, but they are less likely to bother with smaller projects like this.

Had SE fronted the funds, it would have been multiplat. So Nintendo funding the whole project, like Bayonetta, is the most likely scenario.

andy85941d ago

'Final fantasy had to become action because turn based doesn't sell. 2.5 million from an new IP says it does.

NotoriousWhiz941d ago (Edited 941d ago )

2.5 million is significantly less than FF7 remake's 5 million and the latter was over a few months.


You may have missed the "new IP" part. 2.5 million for a new IP is outstanding IMO.

Btw, I put 180 hours into Octopath and I'd prefer to replay that over FF7 because I like turn-based JRPGs that much.

When Square decides to release the definitive edition of FF7 to the PS5 and Series X (unless Sony's willing to pay them to keep FF7 exclusive) I hope turn-based combat gets added in.

NotoriousWhiz941d ago

Nope, but I also saw the final fantasy reference.

Personally, I liked both. I beat Octopath Traveler and the FF7 remake, Trials of mana remake, and currently working through Dragon Quest 11, and plan on picking up Bravely Default 2 at some point in the future.

Shiken940d ago

FF7's remake is also significantly less than the original FF7.

NotoriousWhiz940d ago (Edited 940d ago )

@Shiken it took the original over a year to reach 6 million. The 5 million from ff7 remake was as of Sept 2020. So really, they're pretty comparable. Though ff7 remake has sold slightly faster if you look at the launch numbers. I think the original was 2.5 million during month 1, and the remake was 3 million during month 1. Either way, the differences are pretty small, so it's too early to say whether or not one sold better than the other.

Shiken940d ago


No they are not comparable at all. The original FFVII got its numbers im a time when breaking a million or two was considered a mega hit. These days a game breaking 5 mil is rather common, especially a AAA game with heavy ads and a big name attached to it.

End of the day, FFVIIR is underwhelming compared to what the original did in terms of sales.

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Imortus_san941d ago

Great game, I bought it in second hand, make more of these, I will also be geting Bravelly Default and the new tactics due to 2022.

Nerdmaster940d ago

The soundtrack is fantastic, and the battle system is great. I just wish it had a main plot joining them all instead of the separate plots and the thrown in sidequest leading to the secret boss. Them not having a common goal took me out of immersion, they didn't have any reason to be traveling together.


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