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Zahi AR. from Link Cable Gaming writes “Welcome back Link Cable Gaming followers to the demonic land of Boletaria! Demon’s Souls (2020), the “Grandfather of Souls Games” is finally out on the PlayStation 5 as of November 12, 2020. Developed by Bluepoint Games, Demon’s Souls (2020) is a remake of the PlayStation 3 cult hit of the same name from 2009. Originally developed by FromSoftware, Demon’s Souls (2020)now finds itself remade as a PlayStation 5 launch title. Has the modern era done this classic any justice? Join me on today’s review of Demon’s Souls (2020) for Sony’s PlayStation 5, oh Slayer of Demons."

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Kaii45d ago

Gameplay - 9.8/10 + Presentation - 9.6/10 = 9.9/10

RazzerRedux45d ago (Edited 45d ago )

Why did you intentionally leave out parts of the scoring breakdown?

Gameplay - 9.8/10
Content - 10/10
Presentation - 9.6/10
Value - 10/10

Kaii45d ago

Well, I included the .8 + .6 ?
We can't just give something 9 or 9.5 but seriously we've hit this bit In reviewing to give games .6/.7/.8/.9?
That was why

toxic-inferno45d ago


Ordinarily (and in theory) I fully agree that giving games decimal scores (even .5) is ridiculous, it's a product of gaming journalism's skewed rating system, which award far too many games a 7+ score. And so, with so many games achieving high scores, it's important to differentiate between them.

Not defending the situation at all - but it's not an individual review-site's fault really. It's the state of the industry.

RazzerRedux45d ago

Ok...your post looked like it was questioning the math or something.

Zahiar40d ago

It's just how the game average scores break down sometimes lol. Math is strange

Elda45d ago (Edited 45d ago )

I still haven't started my copy yet. Once I finish a few games I'll dedicate my time & concentration to playing DS.

Zahiar40d ago

Elda, I would totally recommend it. I feel DS is something you can pick up and play, there's so much to do. But it would be nice to give it your all and dedicate to it :)

Futureshark45d ago

And only 1 patch I believe since release too!

Other publishers and Devs should take note of this fact.

Zahiar40d ago

It's honestly phenomenal with what Bluepoint has done already with it. I'm quite impressed. One patch.

toxic-inferno45d ago

I'm so glad I started my PS5 "journey" with this game. Although it lacks some features of 'typical' next-gen games such as ray tracing, it truly felt like a next-gen title. None of the games I've played since have felt like that.

And considering the game is technically over a decade old, that's saying something.

Zahiar40d ago

If there was any game to start a PS5 journey, it would be this game. For being a decade old, to coming out so polished? People need to take note.