WaterMelon Games' Fans Launch Petition Calling For Paypal To Return Seized Money

Fans of struggling retro developer WaterMelon Games push for Paypal to release money allegedly seized following the launch of Paprium.

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lodossrage51d ago

His customers should make a petition calling on him to give his kickstarter customers what they paid for.

Or are we going to gloss the fact that the reason the funds were froze in the first place was because customers kept sending paypal disputes about not getting what they paid for?

dead_pixels51d ago

My thoughts exactly. Fonzie is conveniently not saying the reasoning PayPal gave for seizing those funds. However, anyone who has followed the development of the game and the developer's history should be well aware of their tendency not to deliver the items folks pay for.

dead_pixels51d ago (Edited 51d ago )

I do think it's worth clarifying that the game was never on Kickstarter. It was funded through Watermelon's Magical Game Factory using gems, an investor currency that allowed fans for purchase games and influence the way WM's titles were developed, ie adding RPG style features to Paprium, including blood, etc.

In 2017, WM stopped using the gems system and instead allowed players to pre-order the game outside of MGF's unconventional framework.

lodossrage51d ago

Yeah I know, I say Kickstarter out of bad habit to be honest

ZwVw51d ago (Edited 51d ago )

Fonzie basically said, "Here. Paprium is finally done. Be happy you're even getting it. If you don't want to wait ages or pay triple (of what was the original price conceived) for the next game, then you'd better start opening those wallets now."

He practically tried extorting his customers with nothing to show.