Valheim : Four Million Vikings

Valheim sales have hit another milestone, crossing the four-million mark at the beginning of the game's fourth week in Steam Early Access.

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TheRealTedCruz45d ago

This thing is becoming a sleeper hit of the year. Glad to see a small indie studio find success.

Atom66644d ago

I got hooked last weekend.

I usually disliked a lot of survival games because even the PvE servers are often tough for new players.

SP so far for me, and it's been highly enjoyable.

Si-Fly44d ago

A sleeper hit?! How is 4 million in a matter of weeks a "sleeper hit" 🤣

yeahokwhatever44d ago

I was assuming he meant that nobody really saw it coming and that its a hit.. I mean, have you seen a ton of hype leading up to its release? I didnt.

OpenGL44d ago

I've been having a lot of fun with it, just don't try to check out the edge of the map....

JustTheFax44d ago

I've been playing with my buddies, it is addictive! Feels like a more realistic Minecraft 2.0.

yeahokwhatever44d ago

This is the best game of the past 20 years.