Is Microsoft preparing for a full Xbox Dashboard update?

With the Microsoft Series X|S consoles a little over 4 months old and becoming increasingly available, there’s the ongoing mention across many groups and boards that Microsoft’s Xbox dashboard is disappointingly still a pretty standard affair compared to the Playstations new 4K interface.

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DOMination-833d ago

It could do with an update. Microsoft were ahead of the game on Dashbaord design during the 360 era but the Xbox One was a complete mess and whilst they have simplified it over the last couple of years, it still feels bloated and cumbersome compared to PS4/PS5

VenomUK833d ago

Phil didn’t think the new consoles needed an update because of his belief that Xbox Series X should be the same as Xbox One. But I suspect he got caught off guard at the positive reaction to the new PS5 interface with Digital Foundry praising it for being 4K. Sure most people don’t notice but it is something I think we will see soon on Series X.

sho0ok360833d ago

I don't think he was caught off guard. As far I can remember, it was the developers recommendation that persuaded them to keep it at 1080 and the the use extra ram for gaming.

4k dashboard don't add any real value to the consumer in my opinion.

darthv72832d ago

It was probably easier to use what was already a good dash while they continue to make one specific for the Series line.

redrum06833d ago

It does feel a bit more bloated than PS4, but it's so responsive, I quite like the design too. My PS4 can be so laggy when browsing the dashboard

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TheColbertinator833d ago

Microsoft is the best at software updates for consoles. They really pull through for great features.

lifeisgamesok833d ago

I think sometimes they put too much focus on the dashboard and features

RangerWalk267833d ago

They have the money to pay for different departments in the Xbox team. The dashboard team isn't a part of the hardware team or the game development team.

ScootaKuH833d ago

You're right. The dashboard on the Series X is so far more advanced in comparison to the One X. I also like that it displays in 4k.

Oh, wait...

Father__Merrin833d ago

"With the Microsoft Series X|S consoles a little over 4 months old and becoming increasingly available"

Increasingly available ha that's gotta be a laugh

RangerWalk267833d ago

I agree. I put a reward out for one. Told my friends and colleagues I'd pay $200 above retail if they could lock one down for me. No luck. Bots scrapping them up way too fast. Got a PS5 though.

Father__Merrin833d ago

I've signed upto uk hotstock app and the moment you get a stock alert you simply can't fill in checkout data fast enough someone always beats you to it and you end up with out of stock screen so it must be bots surely

darthv72832d ago

Hey father... I was finally able to secure a preorder for an S from gamestop. It said it would ship the 12th of March. Cant wait to try out the Medium.

Father__Merrin832d ago (Edited 832d ago )

Ul actually quite enjoy it it plays everything very well. The super sampled image is very clear

CrimsonWing69833d ago

my god I hope so! I can't stand the Xbox UI.

Baza833d ago

Desperately needs this. No innovation..lack of 4k..

Orchard833d ago

Why does 4K on the console UI matter? Isn't that a waste of resources that the game could be utilizing?

Jin_Sakai833d ago (Edited 833d ago )

Why not make it 720p then and save some more resources. /s

The UI should render at 4K on a next gen console on a 4K TV. It just makes sense.

Orchard833d ago (Edited 833d ago )

720p to 1080p isn't as big of a hit/leap. I'd be fine with it rendering at 4K when no game is running, but when a game is running, the resources should be made available to the game instead - that is more important.

I don't care how sharp the OS looks. I bought my console to play games, not to stare at the operating system.

Destiny1080833d ago

xbox series X, 2.5 gigs of ram used by the OS

PS5, 2 gigs of ram used by the OS

one is silky smooth, 4k / HDR and one is 1080p / ad ridden laggy mess

StoneyYoshi833d ago

"Isn't that a waste of resources that the game could be utilizing?"

It's not waisting resources when it's rendering the game on the screen. If it's not seen, then it's not being rendered.

Orchard833d ago (Edited 833d ago )

@Destiny1080: the usable memory is actually way lower than that, for both consoles. And from what I’ve seen, both UI’s are snappy and responsive on next gen - likely due to the increased CPU horsepower and SSD’s.

@StoneyYoshi: It doesn’t use GPU horsepower when not rendering but it still uses memory and some CPU cycles - hence why the entire system resources are not available to game developers like on older consoles that didn’t have in-game usable OS’es.

theindiearmy833d ago

My main gripe with it not being 4K/HDR is everytime I'm in a game and go back to the dashboard, the signal goes blank for a couple seconds because my TV is adjusting from a 4K/HDR signal to one that is not. It's not a huge deal, but it is quite annoying.

Orchard833d ago (Edited 833d ago )

@theindiearmy That does sound annoying - is that on Series X? I don’t have one yet but my X1X doesn’t do that when going between a 4K game and the dash.

Wonder if it’s a Series X bug.

StoneyYoshi833d ago

"It doesn’t use GPU horsepower when not rendering but it still uses memory and some CPU cycles"

A resolution bump wouldn't increase memory or cpu cycle use iself the UI isn't any different aside from 4k. Lol

I don't personally care if it has it or not either but your statement is not correct.

Orchard833d ago

"A resolution bump wouldn't increase memory or cpu cycle use iself the UI isn't any different aside from 4k. Lol"

4K assets require more memory, and also require more CPU to render on the graphics driver side. You don't just tweak the width & height values and it's 4K for free. Lol

ScootaKuH833d ago

It's a 4k console, primarily for use on 4K TV so to make it look its best then yes the UI should be in 4k.

Having said that, I hear all the time how developers are struggling to make games run sufficiently on PS5 because the UI is 4k and takes up so much resources.

Oh wait, no I don't, because it's not! Come on, even the PS4 Pro UI rendered in 4K. Did you ever hear about the issues with it taking up too much resources and impacting games?

DJStotty833d ago

I agree, i spend about 5 seconds on the dashboard, and that is when i boot it.

It could be 380p for all i care.

BattleCat833d ago (Edited 833d ago )

So the strongest console that eats other consoles for breakfast can't waste a little power on a 4k ui, but the ps5 can? What a waste....

Macosan22832d ago

I have to laugh at the 4K dashboard. It was never an issue until Sony pointed out that theirs was 4K. Now it's a problem for everyone else. Just stop it! It does nothing for the games or make the UI run faster. Just makes it look crisper on a 4K screen. So tell me how this applies to the people on a 1080p TV? So everybody magically upgraded their tv's to 4K HDR right??? Don't think so...which just kills this fake outrage and disappointment.

GamerRN832d ago (Edited 832d ago )

Just because it isn't seen doesn't mean it isn't being rendered and you can have the memory storage back. You need to keep the memory available so when you go to dashboard and back it's there and snappy. Can't delete part of the game from memory just to go to dash... 🤦🏻‍♂️

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