Outriders Q&A - Game Was Delayed in Order to Be Fair to Players; Devs Want to Expand It Post-Launch

Just ahead of the release of the Outriders demo, Wccftech got to interview the folks at People Can Fly to learn more about the third-person looter shooter game.

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Imp0ssibl346d ago

Now this is what a proper dev should do. Take note CDPR.

arkard46d ago (Edited 46d ago )

The cdprojekt devs knew it wasn't ready, the higher ups pushed it anyway. It's safe to say they most likely learned a very valuable lesson. All of cd projekt isn't to blame here

rdgneoz345d ago

Yep. They delayed it at first. But higher ups wanted to push it out rather than delay it again.

That said, glad they're taking their time to polish it. In the mean time, we get a demo that lets people play the opening of the game and get to level 7 in all 4 classes and try out half the skills. And the the progress transfers over to the retail game (including some of the mats you get). No "weekend only beta" or for a week only. There is no end date for the demo, so you can play it up until launch if you want to.

anast46d ago

The devs. work under corporate management, not the other way around. I bet the devs. in this article would do the same, if they were told to do so.

lonewolf1046d ago

Looking forward to trying this