Outriders to Run at 4K 60fps on Next-Gen Except for Series S, Last-Gen & Series S to Be at 30fps

People Can Fly has detailed the Outriders frame rate for next-gen and last-gen consoles! PS5 & Xbox Series X are at 4K, 60fps, though not the Series S.


Developers have issued a statement stating that their broadcast details were wrong and the Xbox Series S will run at 60FPS. Tweet sent 2/25 around 7:15 am CT

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RaidenBlack205d ago

Why not give the PS4 Pro and One X a lower resolution, 60fps option?

waverider205d ago

Because graphics sell and not frames. Its a problem, but the reality.

RaidenBlack205d ago

I am saying as an option. Users who want 60fps can choose the performance option and users who want 4K can choose the high res option.

Nitrowolf2205d ago

Options never hurt tbh, but i suspect more than just resolution needs to be sacrificed

205d ago

Not sure why you're getting disagrees. That's accurate. Most people value graphics over frames....sadly.

Angyobangyo205d ago

You missed the point of what Raiden stated. The OPTION of 60fps. Nioh did this offering lowering graphical effects for a higher stable framerate or effects on locked at 30.

If graphics is what sells a game then the Switch would have been a monumental failure.

@ZeroBlue, that is quite possibly the dafted statement yet. Treating consoles gamers as dimwits. Consoles gamers have expectations especially with the new gen of systems. A lot more console gamers care about games running at 60fps nowadays than ever before. This was less so a few generations back. The reality you paint is false and a lie. If consoles gamers didn't care about performance improvements with their games they wouldn't need to care about upgrading the newer systems.

ABizzel1204d ago

The main problem I see is that the Series S is 1080p in comparison to the PS4 Pro and One X being 4K. It might be using a next-gen version, but that still comes off as a huge WHY, when the GPU in the Series S is at worse on par with PS4 Pro, but 9/10 better.

I assume PS4 Pro and One X are Dynamic [email protected] low-med, Series S is [email protected] med-high, and PS5 / Series X are [email protected] med-high

DJStotty204d ago (Edited 204d ago )


"The main problem I see is that the Series S is 1080p in comparison to the PS4 Pro and One X being 4K."

Not sure how you could perform a technological miracle and get a Series S to output at 4K, when the maximum resolution is 1440p?

You must be the second coming of christ.

The Series S is not for 4K gamers, how long will it take to realise the Series S is simply a 1440p machine that plays the same games as Series X.

Series S : Max res 1440p @ 120fps
Series X : Max res 4K @ 120fps

The problem will be eradicated once we get games that are playable on the Series S, and unable to run on the Xbox One X (which by the way, you can no longer buy from retail).

If you want games to output at 4K, you would not have bought the Series S, you would opt for the Series X.

ABizzel1204d ago (Edited 204d ago )


The Series S can natively support 4K HDR outputs which is what streaming apps support, and Ori and the will of the wisp support 4K @ 60fps on the Series S, so the second coming of Christ has already occurred apparently. And even going back to your limited knowledge was 100% factual it should have at least been 1440p @ 30fps upscaled, not 1080p.

Please don’t @ me when the only technological knowledge you have comes from what a company feeds you.

The 1440p is the max targeted recommended resolution, but that doesn't mean that a GPU cannot perform above the targeted resolution. RX 580's are now recommended for 1080p, that doesn't take away from the fact that it can still play less demanding and older games at Native 4K.

You can purposely attempt to limit a GPU to specific resolutions, but that does not prevent the GPU from pushing above in games where the GPU isn’t stressed. The “1440p max resolution” is false marketing to inform customers such as yourself who have limited hardware knowledge, that the Series X is simply more powerful via a numerical value.

So once again as I said, it makes no sense that the Series S version is purposely that much lower than the PS4 Pro version when both GPUs are in the same ballpark in terms of rasterization unless the Series S is running a higher graphics setting in comparison, considering the game is coming to PC (the API would easily allow a higher graphics setting for the Series S and X).

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excaliburps205d ago

That's honestly not a bad idea. Maybe they have their reasons. That said, most devs choose higher fidelity than 60fps. I think they assume reglar gamers can't discern the differences between 30fps and 60fps?

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Timzster205d ago

Pretty much to give a reason to get the next-gen versions. Even if it were possible, they probably want to justify the different ports.

iplay1up2205d ago

The Xbox consoles you automatically get the version for whatever system you are playing it on. My Series X automatically gets the updates for games optimized for it.

Orchard205d ago

This. It's pretty hard going back to 30 after playing so many games at 60. When the true next gen games appear and are 30fps 'cinematic experiences', it will be rough.

Amplitude205d ago (Edited 205d ago )


Yeah for real. I'm SO hoping Ratchet and Clank has a 60fps option. That's the whole reason I grabbed a ps5 and I really really dislike playing the 30fps Ratchet games. They feel terrible compared to the 60 ones.

After Spiderman had such fantastic options I have faith they'll have a 60fps mode in Ratchet too though.

Any mutliplats that are 30fps on console and any multiplat games that have dlss support on pc are 100% games I'm gonna be picking up on pc this gen sadly. Bloody hate digital downloads but so be it - I aint messin with 30fps anymore. So over it lol

CantThinkOfAUsername205d ago

Because it takes a lot of optimisation to get stable 60 on older consoles.

dp277407205d ago

It's a CPU issue also isn't it ? Gpu handles resolution mostly and CPU (Jaguar) handles the image refresh this being very basic explanation

Orchard205d ago

Yes, it's a CPU issue too - systems like AI, physics, cameras, input, general gameplay etc. run on the CPU and have to be updated at the same rate as the rendering.

So you're effectively having to render everything twice as fast (on the GPU), but also run the entire game logic twice as fast since the GPU needs the above systems data to be available so that it knows what to render, which is equally demanding on the CPU.

eddieistheillest205d ago

Bro just upgrade. If you can't just wait. It's simple.

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FreeFallFrenzy205d ago

The CPUs are so bad even in those beefed up last-gen consoles that they probably can't even compute 60fps without humongous sacrifices to graphics and resolution. I'm so glad they went with great CPUs this time around!

badz149204d ago

Achieving high res is easier than to maintain high fps and it's the case with these enhanced last gen consoles.

_LarZen_204d ago

Because of the old mobile CPU..

Kaze88204d ago

If it barely runs 1080p 30fps, who the fuck would want to play 720p or lower with 60fps. fking no one.

NobleRed204d ago

The Jaguar CPU sucks. That's why

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waverider205d ago

For all that say that bandwith, ram,, gpu isnt a problem.... that the s is next gen and not cross gen... Well... This is scary.

Orchard205d ago

It's hardly scary if it's running next-gen games, just at a lower resolution.

LucasRuinedChildhood205d ago (Edited 205d ago )

... And at half the frame rate.

Orchard205d ago

Right, but the game is still the same next-gen game with the same gameplay/content. No different from buying a PC game and running it on a lower end laptop and then running it on your high end gaming rig. Same game, just different performance.

Angyobangyo205d ago

What the point of it being "next-gen" when the performance is on par with last-gen systems?

Orchard205d ago (Edited 205d ago )

@Angyobangyo Because new generations are about new games, new experiences and new types of gameplay - not about performance. MGS4 is one of my favorite games and it barely hits 30fps nevermind 60fps - but it doesn't detract from it being a great game that is fun to play.

If I have a 1080p TV, or I only game occasionally / this is a secondary device, or I game on a monitor or the console is for my kid who plays Fortnite and Minecraft - why should I fork out $499 for a 4K console that I won't get the benefit of when I can spend $299 and get the same next-gen games?

Not everyone who plays video games is a hardcore tech enthusiast with the latest and greatest everything. In fact, a lot of gamers are casual or on a budget.

ABizzel1204d ago

This is a console not a PC. It's a problem. Consoles are about parity. We shouldn't be having two console sunder the same ecosystem with dramatically differnet framerates espeically in multiplayer games.

Resolution is bad enough, but a 4x resolution boost gives a slight competitive edge to long-range games (shooters), but adding a 2x fps boost on top of that is a problem.

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DJStotty204d ago (Edited 204d ago )


"For all that say that bandwith, ram,, gpu isnt a problem.... that the s is next gen and not cross gen... Well... This is scary."

I think you misunderstand technology, games will be released that utilise the next-gen capabilities, SSD, higher pool of RAM, better CPU etc etc, this will simply make games not possible to run on last-gen hardware, but able to run on the Series S.

So far xbox has only released 1 game that fits this bill, The Medium, tell me, what resolution does that run on the Xbox One X?

It's simple, the S is a next-gen console as it will be capable of playing the next gen games.

waverider204d ago (Edited 204d ago )

Dude, it doesnt have a higher pool of RAM. It got less. The console wont be able to run games like the X and the ps5. Its not next gen when it runs a 1080p. Its worse then the pro and the one x on this game. Much worse. Everything that runs on the S can also run on last gen consoles... The S is not a next gen console is a cross gen. Only buying the X or ps5 will You get a next gen experience and it will only get worse... It lacks in every aspect except cpu.

Atom666204d ago

I hope their correction helped ease your fears a bit. I know it was awful "scary" and all...

Destiny1080205d ago

Xbox Series S 1080p 30fps, the same as the base PS4

Software_Lover205d ago

I don't agree with the Series S, but I'm sure the situation is not as cut and dry as that.

Effects, more stable frame rates, loading times, etc all have to be taken into account.

I do understand though that at the end of the day the 1080p is what everyone sees and it was a bad idea by Microsoft IMHO to build that console.

Father__Merrin205d ago

i feel series s can do much much more it might be gimped to make a big enough of a gap between the X

AngelicIceDiamond205d ago

Naw the S is just incapable. Might as well get the game on PS5 or X Series.

RangerWalk267205d ago

I think Microsoft should put a little more emphasis on how the Series S is still playing next gen only games. Sure it's playing cross-gen games at the level of the pro and one x... But that's probably due to the developer not wanting to make a 3rd version of the code. Having to make a game for current and last gen is enough work. I'm sure the S will shine a bit more once last gen gets cut off the rotation. Which I'm sure will be sooner than people once thought.

ABizzel1204d ago

It's probably a higher setting. PS4, XBO, PS4 Pro, and XBO X are probably using low-med, while Series S, PS5, and Series X are using a med-high setting.

Still 1080p when the last-gen pro consoles are aiming for 4K or Dynamic 4K is a slap in the face.

Tacoboto205d ago

Halo MCC and Gears 5 run at 120fps on Series S. 1080p resolution.

To have a performance delta 1/8th of Series X and PS5 is not consistent with any new-gen experience. Hitman 3 is 4k60fps on the big guys but still hits 1080p60 on Series S. Even AC Valhalla has a 60fps option on it.

DJStotty204d ago

Series S can not output at 4K, so people saying "it should be 4K, not 1080p", it is technically impossible

Tacoboto204d ago

The Series S can and does output 4K video signals. Stop fake-newsing it, DJ.

And would you look at that quick update, Outriders is actually 4k60 on Series S too.

DJStotty204d ago (Edited 204d ago )

"It’s important to also note that while the Series S shares resolution and fps of the lower end consoles, this does not mean that it’s running on the same settings as those consoles. We won’t know for sure until tomorrow, but the game could very well be running with improved textures, shadows, etc. that are present on the Series X."

So same res as base consoles, but with improved shadows and textures, i.e. next-gen assets

P.S. the maximum resolution output of a Series S is 1440p, so they have nearly hit the peak resolution.

Rdeal204d ago

the max res is 4k not 1440p they just limit it to 1440p

Tacoboto204d ago (Edited 204d ago )

Mortal Shell Enhanced Edition is getting 4K60fps on Series X and PS5.

Series S is getting... 4K30fps.

And to top that off, my Series S is set to 4K120hz output. It'll play media in 4K. The 1080p 120hz output option won't do HDR either, oddly. The Falconeer exceeds 1440p and Ori runs at 4K60fps.

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JEECE205d ago

No, this must be wrong. I've been told that if you say the magic words "1440p console" and "scalability," RAM and GPU issues will cease to exist, and games will run exactly the same on Series S as they do on Series X, just at a lower resolution.

waverider205d ago

Its PR talk. Everybody knows that is a lie. It take tons of work and studios wont do that. Much less with the console where they make less money. Its not just less ram, its much slower ram, much, much less horsepower then the true next gen console.

OB1Biker204d ago (Edited 204d ago )

You forgot much less SSD space.

Atom666204d ago

Well you were partially right, it was wrong.

Don't feel bad. I'm sure you'll get those pesky xbox fans next time!

Saijahn204d ago

It's pr talk the naysayers say, meanwhile the devs issued a correction today. It actually runs at 60fps same as ps5 and xsx.

People be quick to run with anything that make the Xbox look bad but be silent when the facts come out, crazy

JEECE204d ago (Edited 204d ago )

Lol I acknowledged I was wrong before you commented. It's literally right above your comment.

Hellcat2020205d ago

Will be playing ps5 demo later today