Returnal - Atropos | PS5

"In this world, everything changes. Join ASTRA Scout Selene and survive the shifting landscape of Atropos."

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ArchangelMike44d ago

Can't wait for this game! There really isn't anything out right now that's like it. Shame about the delay, but it's great that Sony were willng to give it the extra dev time it needed. I guess it's about time Playstation got it's own Metroid.

RaidenBlack44d ago

I am really interested what this game's all about.

Army_of_Darkness44d ago

Game looks great, but I still wonder why they decided to use a middle aged woman as the protagonist rather than a younger, hotter looking chick?? I'll be playing as Ellen DeGeneres, kicking alien ass! Lol

lifeisgamesok44d ago

This game is hitting all of the right keys for me. I'm very interested in the story and lore already. Looks amazing!

S2Killinit44d ago

I love it. I hope its as great as it looks.

Abnor_Mal44d ago

Ooooh so she keeps returning to the same area, just slightly different. Returnal, nice.

Too bad I can't get a damn PS5 to play.

lifeisgamesok44d ago

Someone mentioned getting Prometheus vibes from this and I kinda agree

Elda44d ago

Lawd have mercy!! Can't wait to play!

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The story is too old to be commented.