New PlayStation Store "PlayStation Indies" Now Live, Over 950 Discounted Titles (US)

Sony has launched a new PlayStation Store sale today called "PlayStation Indies," and it has over 950 discounted titles. Here's the full list of discounted games and their prices.

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anast48d ago (Edited 48d ago )

A lot of those CRPGs like Hard West, Baldur's Gate I/II, PS: Torment can be played for close to half the price on a low end PC. I mean you might save around $4 for the Pillars Ultimate ed., but for $20 you can get the base game plus the season pass. Most of these are not deals or a sales, and this is coming from a console gamer.

Maybe instead of crudely copy-pasting a list, the writer could pick out a few really good deals and write about it, then link the rest. This would actually be helpful.

Christopher48d ago

That's how deals get overlooked as well regardless of those who game on PC. Pros and cons here.

excaliburps48d ago

Yep. Plus I mean, there are literally hundreds of games in most given sales, and choosing just a handful boils down to preference more than anything else...

Abnor_Mal48d ago

Still trying to convince a friend to get Human Fall Flat. I just sent him a text that the game is on sale for under ten dollars.

trippyaaron48d ago (Edited 48d ago )

I'd recommend Wuppo for only $2 (or even its full price). It's a cutesy, side-scrolling shooter adventure set in a living, lore-rich world.