Star Wars Republic Commando Coming to Switch

Star Wars Republic Commando has been confirmed by Aspyr today, and it looks like the game will release on Switch and PS4 in April.

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LucasRuinedChildhood56d ago

The title of the article is "Star Wars Republic Commando Coming to Switch & PS4". Why has it been changed?

Vits56d ago

Good game, shame is just a port though.

DragonWarrior1956d ago

I'm not complaining. This game is definitely one of the best Star Wars game and it never got the sequel it deserved, especially with a cliff hanger. It coming back in any shape or form is fine by me. Criminally underrated.

Vits56d ago

I mean the game itself never went anywhere for it to come back. As it was available on Steam and Origin for more than a decade now. And also part of the Xbox backwards program since 2018.

This just the first official console port that it got since launch. Similar to Jedi Outcast and Academy that got ported not that long ago.