Bethesda faces lawsuit over Fallout 4 DLC

The company faces charges of deceit for not including its Creation Club in the game's Season Pass, which could delay Microsoft's ZeniMax takeover

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porkChop48d ago

What? From what I remember, Bethesda was pretty upfront about what content would be included in the season pass. I honestly don't see this lawsuit going anywhere.

TheColbertinator48d ago

Seems advantageous to the moment but I greatly hate paid mods so we'll see what happens.

Lore48d ago

Please tell me that the modders themselves who do all the work get a portion of the pay at the very least?

Rachel_Alucard48d ago (Edited 48d ago )

Nope, they get a flat fee while Bethesda rakes in all the cash. This resulted in just asset flips and lower effort items for it's content like a piece of gear or model rather then anything anyone would ever pay for. Not that I want to see paid mods ever grow, but the fact is the only reason you would sign up for this thing is the money or publicity and it pays neither well so there is no advantage for you.

RazzerRedux48d ago

"Seems advantageous to the moment...."

No, this lawsuit began in 2019 before anyone knew anything about MS possibly taking them over.

Darkborn48d ago

Can't wait for the next lawsuit Microsoft is buying. It's like number 4 or 5 now since they announced the acquisition i believe and they had one before Microsoft tried buying them.

metalgod8847d ago

The creation club was such a scam dude. Overpriced content and not even really worth the cost. I loved fallout 4 and the 'official' DLC content, but man, the Creation Club was such a rip off. No EULA agreement + a promise that all DLC was included in the season pass. That doesn't bode well for Bethesda. They better hope they're able to merge with Microsoft, or things are going to get ugly.

Knightofelemia47d ago (Edited 47d ago )

A gamer buys the Season Pass all DLC even the Creation Club should be included. Bethesda not including the Creation Club in away is violating an agreement they made with those who purchased the Season Pass. The gamer who buys that Season Pass is like a contract between you and Bethesda no different then signing the agreement when getting a new phone. That purchase of the Season Pass is like a signature between both parties and agreeing as to how this plays out I am curious.

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