Gran Turismo Sport Update 1.63 Is Out, Here Are The Patch Notes

Gran Turismo Sport has been updated to version 1.63 today by Polyphony Digital. The full patch notes for this update can be seen here.

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Nodoze942d ago

This studio is staffed and run by turtles. The SLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOWEST developers in the world. One single release all of the entire last gen.

Sony really needs to get this studio producing. They have been coasting for the last 2 console generations.

Kaz is too busy out racing to seem to care.

aaronaton942d ago

There has been countless updates since its launch, its doubled its car and track count, added a more extensive campaign and VR support. All for Free.
Weirdly enough, i have it down as the most supported game of the last generation. The reason the car additions are slow, is that they're creating cars with fidelity to last multiple generations, this was talked about years ago. The cars you see in GTSport now, are lower LOD versions of whats to come in GT7.

Welshy942d ago

I'll take one game per gen that's a properly polished product on day 1 that is bolstered by more quality content updates for years any day of over rushed annual crap.

By updates I mean the meaningful kind that permanently stays with and builds on the game, not the FOMO drip feed of crap that (most) live services provide after releasing a hollow shell on day 1.

StoneyYoshi942d ago

Normally when you release a GAAS you continue to support the game over time just like they have. It kinda defeats the whole purpose of making a GAAS if you release a new title 2 years later. 🤦🏻‍♂️

"They have been coasting for the last 2 console generations."

They made GT5 Prologue, GT5, and GT6 during the PS3 gen. I would't call that coasting for 2 generations. 😂

Just because MS has been releasing a Forza game almost every year doesn't mean Sony needs to.

itsmebryan942d ago

Gt 5 and 6 were not good. It was so bad that I skipped ps4 because I lost faith in PS. They never fixed the sound like they promised. I have a 7.1 surround sound setup and 5 and 6 . It sounded bad. Night and day compared to Forza.

I'm into racing games and get the full shifter, FF wheel, and pedals. Even my Fanetec setup couldn't help.

StoneyYoshi942d ago


What does your opinion have anything to do with the point I was getting across with Nodoze?

Lost faith in a platform over one game.... Good for you dude.
That audio issue isn't present in GTSport BTW and sounds on par with Forza minus the overly aggressive exhaust notes. It's a shame you missed out.

itsmebryan942d ago

You said "They made GT5 Prologue, GT5, and GT6 during the PS3 gen. I would't call that coasting for 2 generations. 😂"

I was committing on your praise of GT5 and 6 which have the worst ratings of the entire series.
GT 1 96%
GT 2 93%
GT 3 95%
GT 4 89%
GT 5 84%
GT 6 81%
For a race fan 2 bad games in a row was enough for me to move on and lose faith in the studio and since I did care for any of the "exclusives" I skipped PS4 and now GT 7 is delayed. It looks like all the delays of GT5 all over again.

StoneyYoshi942d ago

"I was committing on your praise of GT5 and 6 which have the worst ratings of the entire series."

Where in my comment did I praise the games? I don't see it. You clearly missed the point of my comment based off of the comment Nodoze posted.

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Sarcasm942d ago

We don't need them to be like the other car devs, that release half assed iterations or Arcade it up just to be "different." IE: Project Cars 3, every other Forza, and the up and down identity crisis from the Codemasters games.

Elit3Nick942d ago

I'm confused, why is nothing about the GT7 delay posted here? I saw two attempted postings failed for apparently trivial issues.

kayoss942d ago

Speaking of Gt7, I rather them delay it than released an unfinished game. But this will give me time to finish my racing rig set up that I started 3 months ago. Still keeping an eye out for any new Steering wheel for the PS5.


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Yi-Long700d ago

Best racing game last gen, for me, was the excellent Driveclub, without a single doubt. Flawed launch perhaps, but they more than made up for that.

Dirt 2 GOTY (the base-game was a bit too empty, but the GOTY is packed with content) also deserves a mention, for fans of the genre.