First Evasive Space Video From High Voltage

Today, High Voltage sent The Wiire an exclusive sneak peak into their upcoming WiiWare title, Evasive Space, and it looks to be on track to start off the 2009 calendar with a bang.

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IanCube3697d ago

After seeing the game in motion in this video, I have to say it looks pretty good.

Will definitely pick it up upon release and have a go with it.

ScottBarkman3697d ago

Ya, I have to admit - I wasn't too impressed with the previous screens, but seeing the game in motion has me really excited for this.

Smacktard3697d ago

Neat. I may pick it up.

indiemike3697d ago

Anyone play Gyrostarr at all? I'm a fan of that game, but I wish there were more online capabilities for it. Maybe we'll see some good multiplayer and online functionality in this one?

ScottBarkman3697d ago

ya, we know of online leader boards already - but I think thats all that we know so far.