A New Silent Hill and Metal Gear on the Way - Operation PlayStation

DASH and PAJ discuss the potential of a Silent Hill and Metal Gear Reboot in the hands of new developers, as both IP's are being shopped by Konami. Plus; Dualsense drift, Ratchet and Clank News, and more.

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wolf58149d ago

A metal gear 1 remake from blue point will be much bigger than demon ll be ll be a stand alone reason to own a ps5

pecorre49d ago (Edited 49d ago )

I never understood why they choosed to remake Demon's Souls. The game is really not that old. Why not a sequel or Bloodborne 2? Metal Gear Solid would also have been a better choice.

NapalmSanctuary49d ago

How about MG1, MG2 AND MGSolid

zacfoldor49d ago (Edited 49d ago )

Because takes more time to make a new game than to remake an old one, and just guessing here, but Sony probably wanted a Souls game on launch to lure in the hardcore fans(which usually, but not always, lead the crowd) and pop a sick metacritic score for an exclusive game all at the same time.

As far as MGS being a better choice, well it's a better choice than most games ever, but IMO it wouldn't have been a better choice than remaking Demon's Souls or even Bloodborne. Still a very good choice though, but I've played MGS a lot more over the years than Demon's Souls, and Demon's Souls is a rather meaty RPG with tons of replay value which gives PS5 gamers something exclusive and great to play for a relatively long time.

Rambokind49d ago

What a dumb comment. The game is almost 14 years old, wtf are you talking about?

jznrpg49d ago

Because Demons Souls is awesome that’s why

roadkillers49d ago

Probably had a lot to do with it being a cult hit and exclusive to the Playstation brand. Not many people got to play it before Souls games became huge. That and Souls games are still the limelight.

They could have redone a lot of games. Imagine God of War 1-3, Jak series, WarHawk, Resistence, and plenty of other PS3/2 games

Blade9249d ago

It was old and it was a perfect time for a remake and I enjoyed it just as much as Bloodborne. But Bloordborne is still my favorite. If only we could just get a official patch...

NapalmSanctuary48d ago

P.S. They could call it the Solid Snake Trilogy. To be clear I'm talking about the MSX versions of MG1 & MG2, Not the NES versions.

RaidenBlack48d ago

Its not a dumb comment. Its a legit curiosity.
You remake games which are wayy old like, RE2, RE3, FF7.
Demon's Souls is ain't that old. Even RE4 is available as a "remastered" version for PS4.
Remake of games, 3 generations prior should be the minimum rule.
Remake of games like Legend of the Dragoon or Chrono Cross or MGS1 would've been ideal.

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Yusi-D-Jordan49d ago

Absolutely. A PS5 Metal Gear 1 remake would cement Sony’s reputation as having the best exclusives.

It would positively bury the Xbox.

Orchard49d ago (Edited 49d ago )

I doubt any one game by any platform holder would “bury” the other console.

Especially not MGS, MGS4 was exclusive and that didn’t bury the 360.

But it’s also kinda sad that you would get excited by that - competition is good.

If Microsoft and Nintendo leave and only Sony are left - we’ve already seen the garbage both MS and Sony will pull when they think they’re untouchable - enjoy your lack of innovation, $600+ console and $100+ games.

Jericho133749d ago

Ok mate but the last 4 Metal Gear games have been multi platform.

Rambokind49d ago

You're entitled to your opinion, but you're extremely obtuse if you think DS remake will be outdone by MG1 remake. It won't come close. DS remake is a console seller; MG1 won't be.

neutralgamer199249d ago

I really do believe and maybe this is just my fandom talking that Sony has an agreement with Konami to produce and develop metal gear solid and silent Hill for the foreseeable future. Being japanese sony has an advantage over ms and nintendo when it comes to konami since the relationship is already there

Here's what I want an announcement that Sony has acquired blue point games followed by an announcement that metal gear solid 1 remake is in full production (rumor has it that MGS has been in production for a while now under blue point games)

Afterwards remake MGS2/3 because these games would be instant system sellers

And if they can somehow convinced kojima to do silent hills that announcement in itself will sell millions of PlayStation 5's

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blanka454549d ago

nice let's see how they do!

jbull49d ago

Also leaks of a Castlevania reboot as well in the gameplay style of the Souls series.

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