Gaming Evolution: Dead Space Review

Gaming Evolution writes: "When you look at the nature of gore with video-games, we have pretty much seen everything that can be done. Or so we thought until EA announced the development of an epic horror title taking place within space. While a new concept for the most part in videogames, it has already been done within the movie realm. For those movie buffs out there, if you have seen the movie Event Horizon, then you know the basics behind Dead Space. Is it an exact remake of the movie, no; however there is a strong basing of the movie within the game. So the question of whether EA could pull this title off perfectly, while aiding in the recreation their overall image is upon us, so read on to find out more about this venture.

In Dead Space, you take on the role of a space engineer by the name of Isaac Clarke. You have been sent out to aid in repairing the mining vessel USG Ishimura, which has mysteriously gone quiet. One he boards the Ishimura, he relies that he's in a worldwind of trouble. All the crew is dead and the ship is overrun by hordes of alien creatures. While trying to stay alive and uncovering the past events of the Ishimura, Isaac will come across several audio memos, video logs, and graffiti, all of which gives some idea of what transpired prior to him boarding the ship."

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