Watermelon Games' Funds Seized, Company To Sell Off Valuable IPs

Retro-focused developer blames bots, political correctness, and "digital fart ownership" for the company's financial woes.

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Iceman100x654d ago

"Retro-focused developer blames bots, political correctness, and "digital fart ownership" for the company's financial woes."
Or maybe its because their conmen.

dead_pixels654d ago

Not gonna lie, I’m genuinely amazed my copy of Paprium arrived. There are still people waiting for copies of Pier Solar that never shipped.

UltimateOwnage653d ago

I haven’t received any of the items I ordered from them.

dead_pixels653d ago

That’s rough. Which items were those?

Inverno654d ago

"Digital Fart" I am intrigued.

ScootaKuH654d ago

Never, ever trust a digital fart.

654d ago
lodossrage654d ago

"political correctness" - The excuse regularly given when someone doesn't want explain what actually went wrong.

NapalmSanctuary654d ago

Usually theres a positive market response when devs ignore the woke cult. Ghost of Tsushima being the most recent example.

lodossrage654d ago (Edited 654d ago )

This has nothing to do with "woke" anything. But if you want to go that route, being woke didn't hurt TLOU 2 sales.

Back on topic though, it would be nice of them to explain what political correct issue he's having. Because all I'm seeing is an angry con man that tried to use the blanket statement of "political correctness" to cover up the fact that his poor business practices got his funds locked and seized

NapalmSanctuary653d ago

"it would be nice of them to explain what political correct issue he's having"

That was my point. If the issue was simply "political correctness", there should be no issue. Being politically incorrect should have been a benefit to his games. It sounds like hes making excuses.

lodossrage653d ago


I misread your comment. I initially though you were defending what Fonzie did. But then i went back and researched when you bought up Ghost of Tsushima.

So now I'm going to do something that MAJORITY of people on this site seem to have difficulty doing when they're wrong. And that's say I'm sorry, my bad.

For anyone seeing this, see how easy it is to admit when you make a mistake and/or are wrong rather than double down and argue knowing you're in the wrong.

ScootaKuH654d ago

Political correctness is the bane of the modern world. Having to watch every single thing you say in case you hurt someone's feelings. Hell, in the UK they're trying to make it an actual offence to have offended someone.

Seriously, when did the world become so...snowflake?

lodossrage654d ago

Political correctness has no bearing on the fact that Fonzie didn't send out products to his backers after they paid.

Political correctness has no bearing on his lack of communication to his customers

Political correctness has no bearing on the fact that he started taking money from backers on a new project while leaving his previous projects backers orders unresolved.

So again, instead of hiding behind the political correctness blanket statement, he should tell people the reason(s) for this poor business practices.

He literally did the same thing that Kenji Inafune did with Mighty NO 9. Which is why his company ended up being bought by Level 5.

zypher653d ago (Edited 653d ago )

These guys threw out the hot-potato "political correctness" scare phrase, with the hope that some hyper-political snowflake would run with it and help them distract from the true narrative ... that they're a bunch of conmen.

Predictably their tactic worked.

Silly gameAr653d ago

Seems like he used the term political correctness, because he knows that all it takes to get some people on his side, and jump to defend him.

neomahi654d ago

Well, ya win some ya lose some, I guess. That's the cost of doing business. I pre-ordered a copy, it got cancelled, went on sale again and I couldnt even send them a payment. The game ended up launching without me even knowing or getting notified as they promised, so everyone got a copy, I didnt so I had to order another and twice the cost, that was supposed to ship in April and now theyre shut down again, I lose money and have to wait and wash rinse repeat. If they arent able to ship my item, then I lose my money and have to deal with scalpers now identifying rarity and trying to take even more money from me, thats just my luck. I put money in to Kickstart the really expensive Elysian Shadows over seven years ago and nothing has been done with that either, I just have that kind of luck. Kickstarters for video games are just bad investments, and honestly, its gonna ruin it for everyone else, its too bad.... Just buy from reputable dealers is the best you can do, dont trust people with giving them your money til the jobs done, thats how dishonest people have become and been.

ZwVw654d ago

Fonzie has always been a horrible businessmen. Blaming everyone but himself for his own lack of communication and transparency. PayPal's issuing refunds because consumers have gone ages without receiving their items and WMs communication is terrible to say the least.

The fact that Fonzie started taking preorders for WMs next project, when most people still hadn't received their copies of Paprium (even jacking up the price for new consumers on the WM site) speaks volumes of the company's philosophy and integrity.

Pickledpepper654d ago

A fool and his money are easily parted.
No offense, but stop being so trusting.
I learnt the hard way

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