Bend Studio announces DaysGone is coming to PC this spring

"Surprise. #DaysGone comes to PC this spring. Stay tuned for more details."

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Gatsu151d ago

Such a fantastic surprise! I can't wait to play it completely on PC, because I've only played it a short while before. I'm glad many others can get to enjoy console exclusives. I see lots of people crying about this, but I don't see anything wrong with this if they release exclusives on PC after 5-10 years.

mania568151d ago

the people who are complaining dont care for what this might mean to playstation, releasing old games of 3 years to pc will get them resources to make better games in the long run, i would much rather they do this and release some old games to pc than to fill my games i play now with microtransactions instead.
the rest is just noise from both sides exagerating what it means and that there isnt a reason to get a ps5, when there are several.

Sonic-and-Crash151d ago (Edited 151d ago )

Mega Mistake there from Sony ...more exclusives to PC means weaker Playstation...have you seen Nintendo porting games to PC? ...if Sony follows that pattern then for what reason to buy PS6 or even PS5? ...Porting exclusives to PC is a clean straight mistake

Giblet_Head151d ago

Thing about Nintendo is, they don't need to. Emulation is already doing it for them whether they like it or not. :)

medman151d ago

Completely agree.

Sonic-and-Crash151d ago (Edited 151d ago )

@Giblet what a baseless ,irrelevant argument is that??? lol ... If they officialy release some NIntendo Ips to PC wouldnt they gain some sales too and erase any demand for emulation?? ..the answer is yes ...But Nintendo doesnt give a fk about PC and they r keeping their prestige software exlusive skyrocketing the demand and price for NIntendo exclusive or Console....

you argument is irrelevant with the subject of porting exclusives toPC

Ron_Danger151d ago


They aren’t releasing them day 1 on PC so what’s with you’re concern trolling?

Giblet_Head151d ago (Edited 151d ago )

It wasn't even an argument, merely a factual statement to supplement why it's unnecessary on Nintendo's part. Your reading comprehension is trash.

bouzebbal151d ago (Edited 151d ago )

A fantastic gem.. My personal favorite this gen

gravedigger151d ago


"Mega Mistake there from Sony ...more exclusives to PC means weaker Playstation...have you seen Nintendo porting games to PC? ...if Sony follows that pattern then for what reason to buy PS6 or even PS5? ...Porting exclusives to PC is a clean straight mistake"

What few year old PS4 game has with PS5? Ratchet and Returnal are coming out in few months, are they announced for PC? No.
While it's good news for PC gamers, people expecting day and date ports are dreaming.
That is NOT happening any time soon. It'll likely be a couple of years at least from a games release to PC.

First and foremost Sony needs to sell PS5 consoles because exclusives. One console sold because exclusives = a high chance that the customer will stay in that ecosystem. Simultaneous game release on both PS5 and PC = Sony is losing a future PS5 console customer and, in the long run, a regular consumer in the PS ecosystem. A PC player buys a game on Epic / Steam and that's it. He won't even spend money on the PS Store

151d ago
phoenixwing151d ago

Giblet head already said what i wanted to sonic. The games are going to get emulated at some point it's better to sell them when you can. And I agree with mania, waiting 3 years is a good idea. The people who can't wait will buy a ps5 while the people who would have eventually waited to emulate the games can buy it instead now. It's win/win for Sony. They probably already researched what was the appropriate time to wait to gain the most theoretical amount of cash.

Axecution151d ago (Edited 151d ago )

Not to mention of Days Gone 2 gets announced as a ps5 exclusive, then PC players are more likely to grab a ps5 for it. Same thing with Horizon being on PC but the new one being only ps5 - these PC releases *will* sell consoles

agent4532150d ago

What are some compelling reasons to get a PS5.

The PC gaming platform works well with gamepads especially the Xbox gamepads that do not need any 🤔 just plug and play.

The PC can be hooked to any tv set allowing couch gaming.

PC gaming offers split screen play plus some PC games still offer lan play.

Online gaming is free

All Xbox One games are playable on PC like the upcoming Halo 5 which you will be able to buy on Steam 😃

I really don't see the point of getting a PS5 if say a year or two from now Sony decides to release PS5 exclusives on PC

The good news about this is no longer buying multiple consoles. Like I have been saying all along the hardware battle is over. Next gen starting this gen we will see the beginning of which company offers the best gaming service:

PSN vs Xbox vs Steam vs Epic vs Nintendo Online etc

Knightofelemia150d ago (Edited 150d ago )


Sony ported a game that all ready has been played and enjoyed on PS4. Porting an old game to pc allows more people to enjoy it the bad part is the price gap between pc and PS4 for Days Gone. It's not like Sony is launching day one exclusives on pc same as dropping on PS4 and PS5. They know to keep the titles exclusive to console first to help sell consoles then port them to pc.

DJStotty150d ago


"Mega Mistake there from Sony ...more exclusives to PC means weaker Playstation"

I have got to completely disagree, a game on another platform, whether it be day 1 or 5 years later, only results in more revenue and profit for the publishers/developers.

This will only give more money to bend studio/Sony, and allow a massive increase in playerbase with the game being on PC.

DJStotty150d ago (Edited 150d ago )


Are you trying to troll? if you are your failing my friend

"All Xbox One games are playable on PC like the upcoming Halo 5"

This is the last i heard

Please share if you have an up to date source or inside info, if not that kind of debunks the "all xbox one games are on PC" argument in a nutshell

ActualWhiteMan150d ago (Edited 150d ago )

@Sonic-and-Crash Have you heard of YuZu? All major switch games run and look better on my PC. And Nintendo isn't making any money off of it. Sony is better off milking it these old games for what they're worth before RCPS4 comes out.

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TheRealTedCruz151d ago

I think you're going to see that timing window shrink more and more down the road.
I wouldn't be surprised if more games start hitting the one to two year area before moving over to PC.
Especially if sales drop off within that time frame.
At the end of the day, it's business. Sony is interested in the PC space, and that's obvious. One to two years is long enough to ensure the majority of sales for most titles, and potentially move some hardware.
It's also a short enough time period that you could throw that $60 retail price on the PC version without players thinking much of it.

LucasRuinedChildhood151d ago

Days Gone is already down to a 2 year window - it came out Spring 2019

RazzerRedux151d ago

Personally, I'm all for it. Sony needs to remain competitive and PC gaming is a huge market.

RememberThe357151d ago

I just want them to commit to it so I know I can skip PS5 and just build a PC when GPUs become available again. I'm just tired of the smoke and mirrors stuff. If I know I can wait a year or two to get the game cheaper and running better on PC I'd rather do that.

neutralgamer1992151d ago (Edited 151d ago )

Man this is so great this game deserves more sales. This doesn't hurt the PlayStation brand in my opinion it makes it stronger

More revenue for future titles(because they can charge full price for 2-3 year old games and this pretty much guarantees that we will see a sequel.

AngelicIceDiamond151d ago

Expanding your reach beyond just a platform level makes your brand stronger and more exposed. Spreading your IP to a different audience and group of gamers builds the brand further and generates more sales. Sony's games in general are hugely popularity already releasing them on PC makes the largest crowd happy and Sony reaps those benefits.

moriarty1889151d ago

yeah but everyone said it hurt xbox by putting them on pc. so how is this any different???

neutralgamer1992151d ago


Because we are fourth generation into Microsoft branded consoles yet Xbox brand is not as strong as PlayStation or Nintendo is not even close. So you have to give consumers every reason to own your console to play your games but since PC is also Microsoft related I think Microsoft sees that in their ecosystem. also the biggest difference is these PlayStation exclusives are coming out years after launch on PC while Xbox games are launching at same time

Fluttershy77151d ago

How did you managed to see "lots of people crying about this" when you were the first comm,ent?

Gatsu150d ago (Edited 150d ago )

There is a thing called twitter and Bend Studios account posting this pc info.

Zerobalance150d ago (Edited 150d ago )

One to two years. Maybe day in date soon. Fanboys not gonna like this. This is good news for gamers. Plus Sony may make some more money. This is why Xbox had fall RDNA 2 so pc games are a breeze to port.

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CaptainHenry916151d ago

We had to wait 3 years though 🙂 now I can play this in Native 4K 60/120fps

JustTheFax151d ago

Yeah I am glad I get to play it at 4k 120fps on my rtx 3080. Thinking about selling my PS5 now! Anyone want to buy it for $800?

Tech5150d ago (Edited 150d ago )

More PS games are expected to land on pc as well. -

"What about PlayStation games on PC? A whole slate of them is on the way starting with Days Gone this spring."

Full interview here.

CaptainHenry916150d ago (Edited 150d ago )

What about PS5 games? I would like to see Horizon Forbidden West and God of War on PC. I only see them releasing PS4 games on PC right now. Come on Jim Ryan make it happen

DarthMarvin150d ago (Edited 150d ago )

@JustTheFax AUD? Sure, I'll take it.

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specialguest151d ago

This will be cool with mods

CaptainHenry916151d ago (Edited 151d ago )

A good strategy for sony though. When Horizon Forbidden West,God of War, and Days Gone 2 releases they will have *some* PC gamers invest in a PS5 as well. Trying to get that extra profit

ginsunuva148d ago

They make profit off software not hardware.
PC sales of those games make the money without the middleman console sold at-cost/slight-loss.

preciousdeath151d ago

Nice! I guess this means a Days Gone 2 announcement is forthcoming.

LegoIsAwesome151d ago (Edited 151d ago )

So why DG and HZD? Are those 2 some of the weakest PS exclusive? In any case owning a PS console wont have any meaning anymore with their recent stance with "exclusivity", wait 2-3 years and hi PC release.

I hope someone ask why the f**k are they releasing exclusive to PC left and right. Is this because of Jim Ryan? Also Im curious lol doesnt Sony realize that PC is also their direct competitor? That moment when a PS exclusive first got a PC release rather than a PS5 release.

"Owning a Sony console because of exclusives" what a f**king joke you are now Sony

I want to say "F you Sony" lol

neutralgamer1992151d ago

Waiting 2-3 years isn't short you make it sound like they are launching on playstation and pc at same time

Sherif129151d ago

You literally listed the only 2 games that have moved to PC. How is that “left and right”?

AngelicIceDiamond151d ago

"Also Im curious lol doesnt Sony realize that PC is also their direct competitor? "

PC is a platform that gets majority of most game releases on the market.
10+ years ago you would be correct considering major publishers were either leaving out the PC version or releasing a broken version on the platform while the console versions were being prioritized and cared for. PC is dying era, essentially.

PC isn't in competition with anyone considering is agnostic identity and stance because no company "owns" PC and the chance for your game to sell and potentially make crap loads of money is always an option that they can take.

RememberThe357151d ago

Jim Ryan just said in GQ that more PS exclusives are moving to PC. I fully expect Sony to launch all their games on PC at this point. I just wish they were more open about it. I've been trying to get a PS5 for months when I should have just built a PC when GPUs were still available.

LegoIsAwesome151d ago

Lol why the dislikes? PS Exclusives are already on its way on PC. Funny. Lets all give Jim Ryan a big round of applause and give him a gaming holiday which remembers the day he got promoted to CEO of Sony and the start of PS "Exclusives" to PC.

Viking_mo151d ago

He actually said there are more coming this year to PC and days gone is just one of many. I hope they keep some exclusive. It'll be good for competition

moriarty1889151d ago

exactly. these same people shitted on xbox for doing the same thing. now they are praising sony for doing it. clown world.

151d ago
Sophisticated_Chap150d ago

@ Lego

The console business will be just fine for a long time. I have friends who can't rub 2 brain cells together, who refuse to get into PC gaming or even remotely consider building a PC. They tend to buy every generation of console that comes out, so they can play Call of Duty (sad...I know). The point is that this is the way most people are, so don't worry about it.

RedDevils150d ago

Knack is next, PC gamers been waiting for it for years.

warriorcase150d ago

"Also Im curious lol doesnt Sony realize that PC is also their direct competitor?"

Microsoft and Nintendo are their direct competitor for the console space. Microsoft are releasing all first party titles across console, cloud and PC, so I guess sony wants to compete more.

Trust me, smarter people than anyone here have run the numbers and seen they are leaving cash on the table. It's business.

ginsunuva148d ago

They make more royalties from game sales on PS consoles (because no Steam, etc.) but in the end they profit from software not hardware.

So they can first release on console, make money, then release on PC later for extra sales. People who can't wait will buy on console where they make a larger cut of the money.

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Smart move Sony. It would be interesting to see if a Sony exclusive would sell more copies on PC than Playstation if they dropped them both day one. Personally idgf what Sony or MS does with their games as I don't get a cut of the sales however it's a good move for consumers.

crazyCoconuts151d ago

I'm sure they have a spreadsheet that forecasts more people will stick with PlayStation hardware if they wait before releasing these games to PC and how long they should wait before releasing them.

ginsunuva148d ago

PC has middlemen like Steam taking a cut of the profits.

So they would rather release it there later so most buyers with both hardware don't go for the PC one as priority.

waverider151d ago

It wont. The PR talk about billions of gamers on PC its just that. Talk.

lonewolf10151d ago

Maybe not billions but I bet they are more on PC than any one console.


One could say that the millions of PS owners are just talk as well. Take a game like FF7 Remake which sold roughly 7mil copies on a console that has over 100mil units sold. Seems like a low number with such huge install base.

RazzerRedux150d ago


"It wont. The PR talk about billions of gamers on PC its just that. Talk."

No, that's true according to research companies like newzoo and DFC.

But since the game is probably going to be released on Steam you can limit it to the number of Steam users which was 120 million in 2020. That number is going to dramatically increase in 2021, however, as Steam just launched in China.


7 million sold is low now? That's hilarious. How about Spider-man's 20 million sold? Or God of War's 20 million sold?

The vast majority of consoles sold are to casuals who buy two or three games a year. Days Gone will do great on PC so need to cling to these silly tired old "install base" fanboy arguments you brought over from the console wars.

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agent4532150d ago

Does Sony stock offers because Microsoft stock doesn't offer dividends 😭. Shame for I prefer dividend stocks. Buy more coke so my dividends increase 🤣

VariantAEC148d ago

Pretty sure their history of launching on both PC and consoles shows them consoles come first.
What? Oh you didn't know Sony and PlayStation used to release games like Overboard, G.Police, WipEout and many more on PlayStation and PC as well as other platforms and PlayStation was still their bread and butter? Oh well.

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waverider151d ago (Edited 151d ago )

This is the only way to go. Years after being availabe it goes to PC. Its a smart move to make more money from a game that already reach its peak on the ps4.

Vanfernal151d ago

Exactly. Especially considering it's a game PS5 owners get as part of the collection. It's basically taking an ip that made all the money it was gonna make on PS and bringing it to an untapped market

Thundercat77151d ago

Exactly. That's the point. The game already served its exclusive purpose on playstation and is not selling anymore.

RazzerRedux151d ago

I'm looking forward to seeing what other games are going to be on that PC gaming "slate".

lonewolf10151d ago

Indeed, interesting times ahead.

phoenixwing151d ago (Edited 151d ago )

This is a win for Sony and a loss for the fanboys at worst. In reality this will help the games get more sales which will mean two things 1. niche games from Sony have a possibility of continuing with pc sales helping 2. Money for bigger projects will come or more projects at one time will come. Which strengthens Sony more.

For those reasons fanboys should be happy about this in reality. Of course I'm a pc gamer so I can only see it as a positive for me.

Sophisticated_Chap150d ago

Me too, bring back the games from the good ol' PS3 days. They don't make them like they used to.

NeoGamer232150d ago

Yup, this continues to show that if you want to play the most and best games, the best place to game is on PC. The only publisher that really doesn't show love to PC is Nintendo.