Techland Is Bleeding Talent Due To Autocratic Management, Bad Feedback, And Lack Of Direction

From TheGamer: "“It’s shit” - that’s the kind of feedback developers at Techland get from their leaders, the inner circle around CEO Pawel Marchewka. Interviews with ten current and former Techland staff, all of whom requested anonymity so as not to risk their careers, depict a studio marred by autocratic management, poor planning, and a toxic work culture that trickles down from the top. As one source claims, “The fish rots from the head.”

Over the course of my investigation, multiple people independently shared a story of an artist who turned in some work that management disliked. The feedback they received was "pedalski", which translates to "too f**got-like"

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BattleCat48d ago

Toxic polskis, just like the liars from cdpr

wasiu48d ago

what a pedalski article......