GamesRadar: Prince of Persia Review

GamesRadar writes: "The first time publisher Ubisoft spoke to us about the new Prince of Persia game, we'll admit we feared it was going to stink so badly we'd staple week-old roadkill to our faces to try to mask its smell. The super-macho Prince, always the center of this platform adventure series, is being hobbled with a new sidekick character whose help you require for basically everything? You must rely upon her to help you do your high-level attacks, to heal, or even to jump over long chasms? Considering that non-player side characters in every other game still mostly act like idiots, giving one so much power and responsibility sounds like a recipe for total disaster."

You'll love:

* Elika
* The graphics
* The sheer fluidity of it all

You'll hate:

* Redundant bosses
* Too few puzzles
* Lukewarm difficulty

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