Sony Moves Up Resident Evil: Degeneration Blu-ray Release

"As Star Wars fans would say, The Sony Empire Strikes Back! Word has just come in that Resident Evil: Degeneration on Blu-ray Disc (and DVD, PSP for that matter) has been moved up 3 days to a Saturday, December 27 release. The move makes the first CGI-animated Resident Evil flick the first new Blu-ray Disc available after Christmas."

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Daver3702d ago

the movie looks nice, im gonna get it

KARMA20093702d ago

Best Christmas EVER.....Thank you Capcom and Sony..

darthv723702d ago

If they really want to push the blu they should just release it exclusively on blu. No dvd or digital copy version. The more movie studios do this the quicker the adoption of the format will be.

A risky move but maybe a higher profile movie would be needed.

TMRBac3702d ago

I couldn't agree more. This is the perfect title to make Blu-ray exclusive and cater to PS3 owners. As long as DVD versions are available as cheaper options, Blu-ray will always play second fiddle.

interrergator3701d ago

hopefully it comes on the ps3 store