Super Seducer 3 Release Date Uncertain After Steam Blocks Launch

Dating sim Super Seducer 3 has been rejected from Steam. Its creator has submitted a censored version, but the status of that version is unclear.

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Tiqila5d ago (Edited 5d ago )

"both Epic Games Store and GOG "said no" to Super Seducer 3, too"

I'm disgusted by this cancel culture censoring bullshit.

"Nothing is more human than the wish to deny one’s humanity" - Stanley Cavell

Angyobangyo4d ago

On no, they’re trying to cancel a person who is an actual misogynistic PoS! Oh the shock.

The version Richard La Ruina submitted to steam was rejected, so he submitted a censored version which questions what content the uncensored version contained for it to be rejected.

It’s usually those who have the most reprehensible views and are terrible people that cry the loudest about free speech when they get shut down. It’s like they’re oblivious.

Michiel19894d ago

ever heard of parody? or this magical thing called a joke? you should try it
Lets also ban comedians then, because what they say on stage must 100% undeniably be their personal view on life and not for the purpose of entertainment.

gamer78044d ago

steam has the right to block whatever they want, just like disney has the right to fire gina carano while supporting chinese territories that support genocide based on religous beliefs. Does that make it right of course not...

some of us take stances based on principle, this would be one of those.

got_dam4d ago

To the guys saying it's a parody, it's not. This guy has been out being a total douche for years now. I fucking HATE cancel culture, but this one is really a total piece of human garbage. Just a piece of shit.

porkChop4d ago

So Valve are ok with anime games where you have sex with 20 year olds that talk and look like they're 12. That's ok, but games like Super Seducer aren't?

Vits4d ago (Edited 4d ago )

Don't know what world you are living in. But since a while Valve been blocking anime games that don't even feature sexual content and the ones that do are in a even worse position. Evenicle 2 that is likely one of the most polished sexual themed games out there also got blocked by Steam not that long ago. So this days is literally a roulette if the title will be allowed or not.

Super Seducer on another hand is more obvious block. Given the controversy that the first two caused. Not that it's anymore right than blocking a anime title.

porkChop4d ago

Every time I browse the Steam store there are tons of anime porn games everywhere. So if Valve are blocking them they aren't doing a good job.

CrimsonWing694d ago

Um, they’ve been blocking those games, too.

CrimsonWing694d ago

I’ve watched playthrough a of this, what’s the big deal? I think it’s hilarious and the wrong choices you get penalized for. It’s so weird how something like GTA V is celebrated but a stupid crappy indie game that’s harmless gets blocked... makes no sense to me.

utopiancat4d ago

This is my take as well. Why is violence so celebrated yet sex and love are shunned? It really reflects a lot of the problems with society.

But that's not in relation to this game. While in this case I really don't agree with Valve but I understand why this game is being blocked. Though I feel like it's more about the rumors surrounding the game more than the content which isn't really that offensive if you have a sense of humor. People simply think this game is worse than it actually is.

Hitman0074d ago

What a world we live in U can kill and slaughter but no boobies guys this society is fked 💩

medman4d ago

I don't get it...I understand there is something for everybody, but game experiences like this confuse the f out of me. What do you get out of it? I really don't understand. Maybe somebody who has played a previous version of this game could help me out as to what is the benefit.