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PP: Crazy Taxi was one of my all-time favourite games to play as a kid. It was simple, satisfying, and really good fun. Unfortunately, SEGA has left Crazy Taxi to die and now we have nothing.Or do we?

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FlavorLav0112d ago

As much as I loved crazy taxi, this game graphically looks like as$, for a current title.

Lennoxb6311d ago

Every game doesn't have to be photo realistic to look good. Good example, Apex Legends.

_Decadent_Descent11d ago (Edited 11d ago )

In fact I would prefer Taxi Chaos not have photorealistic graphics. It was never the style of the game this is so heavily inspired by.

FlavorLav0111d ago

I don’t want photorealistic graphics either. Borderlands3 hand drawn/cel-shading would’ve looked loads better than what they’re giving here. The original crazy taxi almost looks as good as this current take...just my opinion

Kaii12d ago

How did this get an 8? lol