How Nintendo Gets Away With Everything

Jaydyn Spisak: Nintendo may live in many peoples hearts but that does not mean fans have to let them get away with everything

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Iltapalanyymi6d ago (Edited 6d ago )

Their "fans" somehow manage to use their mental gymnastics to turn something negative about nintendo into a positive. The mind of a drone is an unfathomable thing to witness. I don't know why are they so adamant on defending them.

Inverno6d ago

Speaking of, they've already spawned below.

Unknown_Gamer57946d ago

Agreed. Nintendo and I go way back...but it's like seeing an old friend fall into bad habits. Am I a better friend if I say nothing, or should I say what needs to be said because it's what they need to hear?

Of course, I know a corporation is not, and will never be an actual friend. However, sometimes a company's products can someone like myself, of all the good times I've had over the years. But, that doesn't mean I'm going to completely ignore valid criticism against them, and heck, I have criticism of my own. I love Nintendo, but the modern Nintendo isn't all I wish they would be.

Some people on the other hand...I've literally seen someone call Nintendo's lack of price drops "admirable". Like seriously, WTF? Anti-consumerism is admirable now? Since when?

notachance6d ago

I don't get people defending full-priced half-assed remaster when full blown collection remakes (spyro, crash, tony hawk) didn't even have full-price tag.

No I don't care if it's Zelda or Mario, and no, no matter how "legendary" or "nostalgic" the title is it still doesn't deserve a full price.

Relientk776d ago

I don't understand how people don't see this. Activision is treating their fans of their older IPs BETTER than Nintendo is. Getting full on remakes for $40, not $60 full price lazy ports. In this regard, Activision is less greedy than Nintendo.

Tiqila6d ago

So the price should not depend on the quality? Screw capitalism, maybe we would be better off with a centrally planned economy in which notachance dictates game prices...

JL29306d ago

Why are you so adamant about bitching about them? I bet you talk shit about Nintendo, but excuse anything your favorite brand does. Bitching does nothing, you don't like it then speak with your wallet.

Chocoburger6d ago (Edited 6d ago )

A lot of people believe that "Nintendo cares about us" that "Nintendo values us", and because of that, there is this undying, unwavering blind devotion.

The truth is, that while Nintendo cares about releasing quality games, they don't do it because they care about anyone, rather Nintendo is one of the few companies that comprehends the fact that a high quality game will sell better, and thus bring is more revenue for them (the main reason why Nintendo does anything is for additional revenue).

Third party publishers on the other hand are notorious for releasing endless waves of garbage (not all games of course, many are very good!). But for example, Nintendo would never release a game as broken as Cyberpunk 2077, Sonic 2006, Ghost Recon: Break Point, the list goes on.

There is indeed a stark contrast between third party trash and the usual (but not always) higher quality standards from Nintendo. So again, due to this difference, certain simpletons have convinced themselves that if Nintendo is different from the companies that don't care, then Nintendo *must care about us*.

But no, as I said before, Nintendo only cares about money, and nothing else.

drunkenspy0076d ago

Your mention of "drone" really hits the nail on the head. It's easier for them to follow along with anything handed to them, even if crap. Going against this would mean they would need to challenge themselves which they are loathe to do.

nommers6d ago

It's not just their fans. Anytime there is a legitimate issue with their so called high quality games it gets turned into a positive too.

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ScootaKuH6d ago

Loads of Nintendo hate in N4G lately

Om4ever6d ago

Normal.. Who likes Nintendo ???

Shiken6d ago

Over 80 million peoole appearently.

ScootaKuH6d ago

Disagrees? So I'm imagining the Nintendo hate articles on N4G am I?

Some people are just weird...

-Foxtrot6d ago

Maybe people are just sick of their bullshit

FinalFantasyFanatic6d ago (Edited 6d ago )

I think most people are salty about that last direct and that's just festered into hate about Nintendo in general, I know we didn't get anything about BotW 2, but we got lots of good stuff, although I'm not defending some of their business practices, some of those practices really irk me.

Basically people are just being spoilt brats (although f**k their pricing and lazy porting).

franwex6d ago

Dang. Nintendo hate is real today. LOL.

Piggeroni6d ago (Edited 6d ago )

I don't think they are quite as bad as Apple yet, but their prices can be quite high for sure. I have always thought Apple had very overpriced hardware and always why I've built my own PC stuff. Meh, each to their own

franwex6d ago

No they aren’t. They also aren’t charging that much of a premium for their hardware. But they are for their software.

ScootaKuH6d ago

Don't say that because the rabid nintendo fans will bombard you with disagrees even though there's been about 3 Nintendo hate articles in the last day or so.

They're a strange bunch

Father__Merrin6d ago

WIIU was the final straw for me. No more Nintendo consoled for me absolute ripoff also to note they always cut software support early

RPGer6d ago

1. The only company that release the same game with two version and ask for full price for each and barely any differences or development from pre-successors. (Pokemon)

2. So expensive in everything and never been @MSRP prices.

3. Selling the portables without charger.

4. Mimimal specs.

5. Ports always been fully priced.

6. Always claiming to compete Sony and MS at launching then claim it is different.

7 .Pathetic online thing.

Still pass like the Iphone or Apple products in the general

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