TDG: Nintendo should push for Wii video-on-demand, whether it likes it or not

TDG (The Diffusion Group) last month sung the praises of the streaming-on-demand video content available on the Xbox Live Marketplace and PlayStation Network, predicting that 75 percent of the 190 million US households expected to have a next-generation console by 2012 will be accessing console-based video services "at least a couple times each week". Now the consumer technology research and strategic marketing firm wonders if Nintendo can afford to take a sidelines approach with its own video-on-demand services for the Wii.

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TruthbeTold3699d ago

Try watching flash videos of any length on your Wii. After a certain amount of info is downloaded the video will often crash and you get a message stating that you've reached the RAM limit. You then have to start all over. It doesn't always happen, but since this would be a paid service I don't think they can do it as the Wii currently stands without risking a large number of angry customers.