Every Unfulfilled Promise of Cyberpunk 2077

Cyberpunk 2077 had a controversial launch to say the least. The most anticipated game in recent memory, many complained it did not live up to the hype. How many document promises were broken, from pre-release hype to launch?

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Kabaneri44d ago

Stop beating a dead horse.

oof678144d ago

I assure you the horse hasn't died yet.

AndrewM44d ago

Stop mindlessly defending them.

B68W44d ago

I think they have to finished creating the horse and cleaning up the horse bugs before they can kill it.

Welshy44d ago

@Kabaneri Yeah, they had a slap on the wrist, let's just move on now and get back to the status quo of being lied to and borderline scammed guys.

F**k that, we beat this horse till there's nothing left of it because they deserve it and this trend of selling gamers empty, broken shells and promising fixes later has to stop.

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FlameWater44d ago

No third person should've been your first clue this was a crowd funded campaign

bacano44d ago

It's important to remember this. CDPR is not a small indie studio and they charge full AAA price for their games.

Gaming idustry looks strong but crashes in the past have been due, at least in part, to a noticeable drop in quality. Potential gamers can be discouraged to get into new gen systems with cases like CP

Rebel_Scum44d ago

Stuff gets cut from every piece of software on release.

mkis00744d ago

Not everything that makes a game get its hype though. All its hyped features were cut.

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